One happy, one uh.. well… not so much…..

Tonight’s dinner was a HIT!!! Ok, at least with one of the kids 🙂

Again, I got this recipe from our Fresh Fork Market CSA newsletter.  Tonight’s selection Huevos Rancheros – went off, almost without a glitch.

6/21 – Huevos Rancheros

Well, most of this recipe was from our CSA but I had to modify it slightly….

Today’s ingredients – all from our CSA except for the wraps, eggs, and rice:

  • Garden Vegetable wrap (recipe called for corn tortilla)
  • Garden vegetable rice (really cheated here – the kind you heat in the microwave for 90 sec.  Recipe called for black beans – but I screwed up)
  • A poached egg (from OUR chickens :))
  • Fresh salsa (I used Blaze Gourmet – corn and black bean from our CSA)
  • Chopped tomato
  • Sliced avocado
  • Green Onions
  •  Cilantro and
  • Corn Cracker minis – from Shagbark Seed & Mill Company

This morning I put the black beans in a bowl of water to soak – they are Organic Black Beans from Shagbark, we get from our CSA – and planned on cooking them up when I got home from work.  I knew we would be cutting it close on time because both Jeremy and Emily had games tonight, both at 6:15 (or so I thought) and both in different cities.  Luckily I googled how to poach an egg before I left work because just before leaving I got a reminder text message from Emily’s coach about today’s 5:45 game!  So I left work a little early, picked up the kids from latchkey and headed home.  We got home and I finally looked at the directions for cooking the beans — it said to cook them for 60 min!  We didn’t have that kind of time – that is where the rice came in.  Anyways, I chopped up all the ingredients, heated the wraps a little and spooned all of it down their centers.  Poached the eggs, placed them in the centers and wrapped them up.  I spread a little of the salsa on top and used the corn crackers as a side and DONE!  Jeremy LOVED it and even used his chips to scoop up remnants of rice, avocado and tomato that was left on his plate.  Emily — not so much.  I had forgotten that when I told them about what I was making she asked that I scramble her eggs instead of poaching them.  That was several days ago and in our rush today — completely forgot, whoops!  It was quite torturous for her to eat.  Reminded me of Emily 5 years, uh – 3 years, well 2 years — ok a couple weeks ago!  She whined quite a bit about it – then I had enough.  I told her that this was dinner, I didn’t want to hear another complaint about it and if she isn’t done, she wont go to fast pitch.  Also that she could eat if for breakfast and lunch if there is enough left over on her plate — mean do you think?  I had her mash up her egg and mix it in then we compromised a bit and she ate all of it but the wrap.  Maybe next time I’ll follow the actual recipe and see how well it is received.

So, tell me what you think — those of you with fussy kids.  When they fuss about what you made for dinner – do you make them eat it?


6 thoughts on “One happy, one uh.. well… not so much…..

    • Linked up, thanks!
      I should clarify that she wasn’t as bad as she used to be. There weren’t any gagging noises or vomiting! Just much whining and complaining — which I know is normal with kids when they don’t like something, or are hesitant to try something new. It is funny though that after I told her enough was enough and she realized that I wasn’t caving — it disappeared off her plate rather quickly, and no, we don’t have a dog 🙂 Had it not been for the poached eggs, I don’t think I would have gotten too much flack from her. She also really wanted to black beans in it. I told her next time, hers – scrambled eggs and black beans, for sure! Have a great Friday!

    • @ Tammy – Thanks! That is almost what I say, verbatim! “Well that’s what I made for dinner”. They eat it and survive 🙂

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