It’s nice to be able to eat whatever I want!

What a weekend! Covered a TON of miles, picked up a great CSA package and had a chance to relax (ok that last thing?  Not so much).

This weekend started off like any other, now that the summer CSA has begun. I picked up the kids from latchkey and headed on out to pick-up our share. This weeks contents consisted of;

Week 3

  • 1 Package boneless loin chops
  • 2 lbs spelt berries
  • 1 head white stem bok choy
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 1 bunch swiss chard
  • 1 bunch beets
  • 1 lbs snow peas
  • 1 head chinese Napa Cabbage
  • I also bought a pound of ground beef.

Included with this week’s newsletter is a great sounding recipe for “Creamed Spinach” as well as “Baked Spelt Pudding” along with few others (those are the two that jumped out at me). I’ll post the recipes and picks after I make them.

After that —- nothing was as usual about this weekend….. I headed out to the store and picked up some necessities for Saturday morning’s training run #1 for the weekend. After the store I came home, cut up some watermelon, filled the cooler, laid out my stuff and then off to bed. Yes, before 10:00pm, young, empty house… I must be nuts.. So I got up at 4:30am and headed to the Buckeye Trail. Met up with some great folks and headed out for a grueling 39 mile run.

BR100 Training run group – 6/23

Some random shots I took during the run….

Not many people crossed by way of that bridge!

Click here for “Runkeeper detials”

Totals for this run: 38.x miles covered, almost 8hrs of straight running and over 5400 calories burned.

So I got home from that run, cleaned up, went to my brother’s house for an impromptu cookout, ate a TON of food, then back home to get things ready for day two…

Training run #2, for the weekend.. I got to sleep in this time… woke up at 5:45am, met up with a close friend of mine, Doug, and headed back to the Buckeye Trail and met up with another group of people…

BT50k group training run – 6/24

Day two’s run was supposed to be a 12.x mile out and back on the BT, But about 6 miles in Doug and I had the same thought — lets end this…… early. We decided to turn back at the 8 mile mark, shortening our 23.x mile run to a 16.5 mile run.

The only pictures we have from this run —

That’s Doug. I think something is wrong with him — he LIKES steps!! Blech! LOL

I on the other hand — HATE steps!

Click here for RK data of 6/24 morning run.

6/24 run stats – 16.5 miles covered, 3hrs 11min, 2300 calories burned…

Well, when I got home, apparently I hadn’t had enough punishment and I still had some time on my hands until the kids came home. So I did what anyone else would do after running 55miles in two days would do… head out for a 23.5 mile bike ride of course!

I don’t have any pictures of my ride, but here are the stats…

click here for RK data…

6/24 afternoon bike stats – 23.5 miles covered, 1hr 28min, 1142 calories burned.

Got home in time to take a shower before the kids came home, changed and then headed off to Jeremy’s all star practice — for two glorious hours…..

If that wasn’t enough activities for one day, tonight was a lifting night (Sun, tues, Thurs). I am just getting back into lifting so the past couple weeks have been light. Today was the first night of heavy!

My goal with all this (besides the races I’m registered for – Light House Sprint Triathlon in Fairport Harbor, Burning River 100 mile race, and MS 175 mile pedal to the point) is to get back to 190/195lbs, bench 325+, and still run ultra trail marathons. When I lifted a lot I weighed 205, benched 375+ but didn’t run at all… I figure as long as I keep up on running this is completely doable in my book.

Well… I am spent and off to bed! What did you do active this weekend?


4 thoughts on “It’s nice to be able to eat whatever I want!

    • I forgot to mention that I also bought a half gallon of Snowville Creamery milk — quite poasibly the best milk ever. And another bag of those chips. Yum. Hopefully I won’t waste too much. Have a crazy busy week with kids sports and my training. I’ll be certain to post up what I make, the recipes as well as link up with you! 🙂

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