Remember that little bed time snack?

Dang was it good!  In case you hadn’t seen what the deal was with it, click here for the recipe and my fun time I had making it!

We FINALLY had time to eat it today.  By the time that stuff finished baking and cooling it was nearly 2:00am!  I ended up putting it in a tupperware container and popping it in the fridge.  For the past several days I would see it in the fridge but we just hadn’t had the time to eat it after dinner and the kids were a little leerly about eating it.  Besides, I wanted some whipped cream to top it off with and we didn’t have any.  Enter today’s experiment….

So, I thought to myself, “I made this pudding, and not from a box!  Why do I want to ruin it with pre-made whipped cream!”  I remember my wife making whipped cream so I thought I would give it a go.  We had to go to the store for some supplies for tomorrow night’s training run anyways (that’ll be a post for another day, for sure)  so I bought some heavy cream (I think my wife used to use butter cream tho?  Wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to chance it).  I then put the a bowl in the freezer, along with a whisk.  When it was getting close to snack time tonight I started…. and after, oh, I don’t know… 20-30 MINUTES of whisking that crap by HAND I realized that my wife must’ve used a mixer or something!  And where is would it be?  I’m guessing she took it.  So, me being a guy did what comes best – improvised with power tools 🙂

I did find one of these beater things….

Worked like a charm!  I added a tiny bit of sugar and DONE!  Spooned some of the pudding onto a plate, put a little bit of whipped cream on it and some cinnamon and thought — hmph… that looks like a scoop of thick oatmeal on my plate.  I can’t take a picture of that!  So I added a little bit of cinnamon to the plate along with a little bit of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and voila – thick oatmeal with cinnamon and syrup 🙂

So I’m not the best at plate presentation 🙂

What was I thinking getting out a fork, I did use a spoon and I have to tell you, it tasted GREAT!  The kids also loved it.  So worth all the time I put into it.  I think tho, next time, I might try to put blueberries or something in it.


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