Multi-Purpose post — CSA, BR Training, Relationships

It has been a few days since I posted and topics are building. I probably should have made this three posts, but will break it up in three sections instead. Read on as far as you would like…

I’ll start with my usual start of the weekend post regarding our CSA pickup, then blog about the most amazing training run ever. I figured those are the “up” things that happened this weekend. Then for those that continue on — maybe a little relationship advice — don’t worry, not a whiney, “whoa is me” kinda thing — remember my blog title? 🙂

Lettuce begin —- (bad joke, I know :))

Week #4 of our Summer CSA has arrived and with it a welcome addition of some fruit! My fridge is so full of greens that I really have no clue what to do with them, so I’ve begun giving them away to friends of mine that do. In this week’s pickup;

Fresh Fork Market CSA – Week 4

  • 1 Qt of yogurt
  • 1 pt of black raspberries
  • assorted tree fruit
  • 2 ct zucchini
  • 1.25lbs Italian sausage links
  • 1 bunch radishes
  • 1 head green leaf lettuce
  • 1 bunch of kale

I love the yogurt and always use it in place of sour cream – over baked potatoes, in tacos – you name it! I think I have a plan for many of these ingredients. I also think the kids will not be too happy with the Greek Style Salad I plan on making. They’ll live tho 🙂 I am very glad that fruits are now available. We have raspberries in our yard that I planted a couple years ago, but many times the chickens beat me to them!

Any recipes you could share for ingredients I’ve posted?


On to BR training –

This race is now 4 weeks away and the excitement is building! We had our first night time training run (remember the race? 100 miles, 30hrs — non stop?) The race starts at 5:00am on the July 28, a lot of my running will be at night. Everyone was excited about this training run — what a turnout!

BR2012 Night-time training run – I’m front and center!

This run was a 26.x mile night time training run. We started at Little Meadow aid station in Cuyahoga Falls and ran the last segment of the race. I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about right? I thought you did 🙂 in case you aren’t familiar with the area, you could check out the route and our pace/elevation and results here. A couple things to point out about this run; we started at 9:00pm and finished at 3:00am, we ran through a crack neighborhood at 2:00am…… Prior to this group pic we all needed to sign in on a checklist with our names and cell numbers. It was a requirement that each person carries a cell phone at all times so that the coordinator, if approached by a ranger, could call any name on the list and show him that he could contact each and every person out in the woods/trails. Dan B. also made sure to give all of us his cell number in the event we got lost. The part about the crack neighborhood? Dan further went on to explain that there is about a 1.5-2.0 mile section of the race that runs through a “crack neighborhood”. He said that on race day the police department helps to direct runners and provide aid. Since this was a training run, he instructed us to stay together. There was an aid station setup about a mile away from this section and we were to all leave that station in groups. He said that, “as long as you are not alone and don’t look vulnerable, you should be alright”. Boy, did THAT make the women in our group feel good, NOT.

Pre run briefing

It was a good thing he gave us his number! My group ended up lost in said crack neighborhood! We called him several times but only reached his voicemail — I guess another group got lost in the woods and was tying up his line– yes, this IS stuff I consider fun! lol. We weren’t lost for too long, though. We ended up going straight instead of making a left. We never were approached by anybody, but I think with each of us carrying a baggy like this one

Ultra Runner “drugs” – S caps, E caps, tylenol….

We probably could have bluffed our way out of any situation! We finally got a hold of Dan and his first statement was, “GET OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!” We only had to backtrack about half a mile so it wasn’t too bad. And actually aside from the EXTREMELY loud, close, barking dogs, coyote crossing the road in front of us and a couple cars full of people yelling things out the windows at us, it wasn’t too bad.

One part that made this run so much fun was a friend of ours, Charlie, couldn’t make it. It wasn’t that it was fun BECAUSE he couldn’t make it, but the night Charlie said he couldn’t join us we were at one of my favorite post run places to eat and drink. After several tall, draft Guiness’s my first thought was – WE NEED A FLAT CHARLIE! I had to make one the next day and bring him along for our run.

Our newest running friend – Flat Charlie

Everyone got in the action of carrying him and taking pictures with him. We ended the run with a 3:00am cookout and finally made it home at 6:00am….

Some Charlie sightings –

Flat Charlie out on the Buckeye Trail

Flat Charlie getting a drink at an aid station

Flat Charlie – River Crossing

Way to finish Flat Charlie!

For those reading my blog that are training for something or just working out — How is training going? What are you training for?

Lastly for this post — Relationships… Don’t worry, I will try not to post about this part much. I’d like people to read my blog, get a laugh out of experiences I have with my friends and family, and maybe learn a little bit about things such as CSA’s, and fitness activities. As well as a personal diary of my own to look back on and remember events in my life. By no means  do I want people to visit my blog and feel sorry for me. I feel that I need to reveal some of my personal side to give “my readers” (sounds funny to type) an idea of who I really am.

I found out some distressing news. “News” that I sort of figured but never confirmed or really even wanted to believe. To make a long story short… you know the part of the movie “The sixth Sense” when Bruce Willis realized he was really dead? Maybe a little like that.

Now I ask you…. In keeping with my blog title and my belief of not giving up, when is enough enough? Is it giving up, or being realistic? I love this woman and kid with every part of me. And honestly after all this if she said she was sorry, wanted to work on things and come home, I would welcome her with open arms. As I know my kids would as well. After confirming her new, ridiculously quick dating status and who this person is from her too, I did however, edit my FB status from “married” to — nothing.

As you probably suspect seeing that I have kids already, I’ve been divorced before. That one unfortunately was pretty easy for me. I was better prepared when she left. The problems I’m experiencing now are different. This has completely blind sided me. I know things will get easier, I know we will be fine in the end and everything happens for a reason, it’s this being in limbo that sucks. Now another problem I struggle with, once my blog is read by more people, and eventually her; will it completely destroy any chance or hope of reconciliation, at this point – would that be a bad thing?  Would things remain as is or improve? They are no longer home, doesn’t seem like it can get any worse.  I guess only time will tell….


4 thoughts on “Multi-Purpose post — CSA, BR Training, Relationships

  1. First of all, What the heck is CSA? Canadian Standards Association? Ummm I don’t think so. Canadian Space Agency? Ummm again I think not. Canadian Soccer Association? Obviously I am Canadian and cannot figure out your acronym.
    Secondly, Grilled tree fruit like nectarines, apricots and pears and plums are awesome with sausages, pork or in a salad. Fruit isn’t just for dessert anymore!
    Finally, letting go is not the same as giving up. You cannot control feelings or actions of others. All you can do is live your best life going forward and make the best choices you can from lessons learned. Leave a door open but live your life. Then one day you will realize that things in your life are awesome without or without that person. They may realize their mistake and want to come back, but you might feel differently. Don’t limit your options by calling it ‘never giving up’. I am watching my friend “never give up” and it is killing him with all compromise on his part and non on hers. It breaks my heart to watch but I will be there to clean up the mess once she finally stabs the dagger into his chest.
    Your priory should be you and your family. If she chooses not to share that priority then there is not one thing you can do about it. Waiting for her to come back may prevent you from seeing an opportunity that you may have never noticed before.
    Hang in there, it sucks but that moment you free yourself is better than an awesome run. It is so freeing.

    • First CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We belong to the Fresh Fork market CSA. All of our produce and much of our meat come from here. They originally started out very small, as a college project for Trevor (owns it). It has since flourished. All of the farms are local to Cleveland and at first he only got a portion of what they produced. Since it has grown to where many of the farmers grow specifically for our CSA. It is great to know exactly where your food is coming from, how the livestock is treated and crops are grown. They offer farm tours so that you can visit the farms that grow your food so you could meet the farmer themselves and their families. Really gives you a different kind of appreciation for what you have after meeting the hard working people behind it….
      Secondly — thank you. I know the kids and I will be fine. I know I can’t wait forever and that “never giving up” is not the same as “moving on” or “letting go”. I love her and her son so much. This heartache will end I’m sure. I just wish instead of ending, it would mend.

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