Tonight’s dinner was nothing special.  We were in a hurry and I rummaged through the fridge and threw it all together, but DANG was it tasty!  I didn’t take any pictures of it because, well.. it looked like it sounds — thrown together.  I’m going to share anyways because once again these kids surprised me….

Like I said before, we have so many greens in the fridge I am running out of things to do with them (except for tomorrow’s Greek Style Salad).  Yesterday for dinner I made a huge salad for us with all CSA ingredients; zucchini, radishes, lettuce, grated some cheese.. and then we just had sandwiches with it.  Today I took;

  • spinach
  • chicken sausage
  • green onions
  • garlic
  • fresh ground pepper
  • yogurt
  • and perogies (not from our CSA)

I cooked the sausage, boiled the perogies till they were almost done, and while that was working,  saute’d the spinach, green onions, and garlic in unsalted butter.  When it was all nearing completion, I mixed them altogether till they were cooked, ground some pepper over top of it and done!  Plated it and then drizzled some of the yogurt over top of it.  Incredible.  the kids ate it up, spinach and all without complaint.  Well — Jeremy has an aversion to milk products so he didn’t want any of the yogurt on his.  He did ask me the other day to start “slowly getting him used to regular milk” — all he currently drinks is soy.   They even went as far to say that.. ….. “it was good”!  I could not believe it!

All of our rushing around today had a purpose.. this time it did not involve them playing any kind of sport!  The kids have been looking forward to this night for quite some time now.  At their awards ceremony on the last day of school this year, both Jeremy and Emily received special recognition as “Outstanding Students” from the Lake County Captains.  Among several other awards each.  Jeremy received a letter and a pin from President Obama — “signed” by him (rubber stamped by an aid), straight  A’s and Emily received – straight A’s, a “Principle’s Award”, and “Most Improved”.  Yeah — my kids rock, I know 🙂

The Captains are a Single A, farm team for the Cleveland Indians and we are lucky enough to live under 2 miles from the stadium!  Their stadium is incredible and the kids are now old enough that I could sit and watch the game and they could roam the stadium with their friends and have fun.  Of course I make them check back in with me every few innings, but they don’t mind.  So we swung by and picked up a close friend of our’s son, Angelo and headed to the stadium!

Tonights events included awards, kids on the field, dogs in the park, and fireworks after the game.  The Captains regularly have a fireworks display after their games and they are always amazing.  With tomorrow being July 4th, I don’t work and the kids dont have school, so I let them talk me into riding our bicycles there — sounded like a good idea at the time, but read on and check out the pictures and videos that follow!

Emily, Jeremy, and Angelo – waiting patiently to go into the stadium

Waiting on the field for their pre-game award

Receiving their award.. how could they be so quiet here and so LOUD at HOME!

Congrats you two! Love you guys!!

And let the rest of the evening begin!  The kids love to hang out in the “Kidz Zone” for a bit before the game begins and play.  Tonight’s bonus was dog night. Angelo and Emily LOVED meeting all these four legged friends and their owners.

Jeremy and Angelo, neck and neck

Making friends

Just met a “gang” of boxers…. lol

And then this happened…

Need I remind you that we rode our bicycles to the game tonight?  I figured we would be riding home after the fireworks, around 10:30pm so I was prepared for the dark… but the storm???  So did not see that coming.

After 20 minutes of rain, the game was called….

The skies continued to open up and the rain came down in sheets!  We decided to wait around a bit longer… and longer…. AND longer!  Finally after checking the weather maps on my phone (can’t believe I didnt’ do that sooner) we made the call for help.  My Dad came to the rescue.  The only problem now was we waited so long, he couldn’t get into the stadium because the areas were blocked off for safety’s sake.  Kinda glad though, because the fireworks were incredible!  I’ve never seen a display blown off in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm.  Here is some video I took of it… Starts out pretty mellow but that quickly changes!  The bright flashes were lightning which my phone didn’t handle very well.  It is a bit long of a video, but well worth the watch.  At one point Jeremy acts all tough and cool about going out in the rain and watching, till a loud clash of thunder made him RUN right back to me!  Emily?  Nothing bothers her… If a tornado touched down in the stadium, she would probably want to see if she could jump inside and fly!

Enjoy 🙂

So, for those reading my blog in the States.. what are your plans for the Fourth?  Any traditions you care to share?  How about those out of country?  Any plans this week/weekend?


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