CSA, Burning River Training, Baseball, Mardi Gras, and “The winds of change”…

Hello again friends 🙂 – corny title I know…..   forgive me.

This weeks CSA contents contained a little bit of sunshine…

Yum 🙂

  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Bunch of beets
  • 2 bulb onions
  • 1 bunch of carrots
  • 2lbs of tomatoes
  • 1 baby bok choy
  • 2 lbs peaches

The peaches didn’t last two days!  They tasted so good!   I’m eager to put the rest of it to use too.  Seeing that my last recipe was a bust, I’m hoping that my next few will work out as planned — note to self.  Read ingredients, read directions, read ingredients, read directions… then start 🙂  I’ll be certain to let  you know how it goes!

While these may not be from our CSA, I am also very excited about this…

We have the biggest and best Golden Delicous apple tree in our front yard EVER.  I love this tree.  The apples are the best I’ve ever tasted and it makes me happy to see neighborhood kids and people walking by grab an apple off the tree and eat it.  We can’t eat them all and to see so many people enjoying them is awesome!  It is great to mow the lawn, get to the tree, grab an apple and eat it.  We also have a family that lives a few doors down, whose kids love riding their bikes to our house and get so excited to pick their own apples off our tree.  Their daughters (all under the age of 10) are always so smiley and appreciative….. There is hope for today’s youth.

Friday also brought about the start of Jeremy’s All Star Tournaments.  He had one game on Friday, two on Saturday and then was supposed to have one on Sunday.  Their team did a great job in the tourny, but unfortunately they lost.  I am so proud of this kid.  This is his first year playing hardball and he was our starting short shot, then took over pitching.  Check him out!

The AT&T call to the bullpen… Jeremy taking over the game.

The wind up…

…. and the pitch!

Again, they lost – but watching these games were very exciting!  My next post will include Emily’s Fastpitch updates.  Her playoff games begin on Monday.  Good luck Em!

This was also supposed to be my last long back to back run weekend before I taper for my race.  I planned out a 36 mile run on Saturday morning.  I picked up Charlie at 3:00am at Squire Castle in the North Chagrin Metropark.  We drove to the Polo Fields, which should have been our half way point, before heading to Alexander Station to meet up with Jane and Laura.  Jane is running Burning River and Laura is pacing someone.  Luckily we started this run early because it got freaking hot!

Another HOT one!

Just like all the others – organized or impromptu — this run was awesome!  The first section of it (20 miles) was quite possibly the easiest 20 miles I’ve ever run.  This was my first time ever really running with Jane and Laura and to be honest, Jane is bad ass, as I imagine she has to be, her boyfriend is an Iron Man Triathlete – mad props to him.    She pushed pretty hard up some of those hills, when I suggested to walk, she said to press on and of course I couldn’t quit or back down right?  My male ego couldn’t handle that! LOL.

Charlie and Laura creek crossing

after 20 of the easiest miles ever

Love the “blue blazes”


Charlie stepped up and powered us through the last mile.  Had he not done that, I think we may have walked it!  Due to time constraints, we ended up cutting our run short to 30 miles – here is this run’s data.  Trust me though — none of us were complaining.

This weekend was also Mardi Gras in Fairport Harbor, our favorite beach.  We met up with Doug and his family for an evening of deep fried fair food, rides and fireworks — yes, we really know how to celebrate our independence!  This would be our third time seeing fireworks this Fourth of July week! — Oh, did I say WOULD be???  That’s right.  After all of the food was eaten and rides were ridden, we plopped our butts on a blanket, played in the sand and waited for the firework display to begin….

Jeremy and Emily enjoying their TWENTY DOLLAR rides!

Emily having a blast!

Did I mention, bad for you fair food? Sorry, no pics of the deep fried cheese or funnel cake 😉

They think they are so cool….

Sun setting over the harbor… time for fireworks

Kids playing in the sand waiting….

Or is it time for fireworks… We sat there, played in the sand and goofed off for a couple hours, when over the loud speaker a voice apologized — “the fireworks have been postponed due to high wind”.  HUH?  POSTPONED?  Surprisingly the kids weren’t too upset.  The only comment was – “they couldn’t decide that an hour ago?” LOL.  I didn’t mind.  We had a full day.  Good food, great company, good times!

Oh yeah… the “winds of change” part…..  Stop reading if you don’t want to be bothered with the “relationship” part of the post….  Remember, I said I would keep these things to a minimum.  Well, it’s about that time I bring it up again.  I’ve realized that there is a difference between “not giving up” and “moving on”.  You can move on, without giving up.  That is, without giving up on your dreams, or you life.  I’ve been angry long enough and hurt long enough.  I know I’m at that point now.  I find myself listening to less and less angry music (unless at necessary times — angry music gets me jacked up while lifting, but more on my lifting at another time as it ties into my new goals). That’s not to say that I am OK with everything that has transpired, or what is going on.  I’m just saying that I find myself happier the past couple days than I have been in quite some time.  I find myself – ready to move on – to retake my dreams, retake my life.


4 thoughts on “CSA, Burning River Training, Baseball, Mardi Gras, and “The winds of change”…

  1. “You can’t change what you can’t change.” is a quote that I always fall back on. All you can do is exactly what you’re doing: taking care of your kids and yourself. Wish I had words of wisdom!

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