These kids never cease to amaze me!

Typically, by the time we get home from work and latchkey, it is about 4:30pm. With fast pitch games starting at 6:15 and us having to be there by 5:45, it doesn’t leave us much time for a good, healthy dinner. Or does it? 🙂

Emily had her second fastpitch playoff game on Tuesday night. We rushed home from latchkey (childcare) and I started dinner. The kids saw me cutting up some peppers and a large zucchini that I picked from our garden the other day.  You could imagine the groaning and grumbling that ensued!  It didn’t last that long tho.  They know that whatever I make for dinner, they eat for dinner – or snack – or breakfast – or lunch…… 🙂

So, I cut up the zucchini and placed it on the grill, brushed it with olive oil and a little bit of season salt.  I brought it in the house and I actually heard a “that smells good”.  So I cooked up some rice and added the peppers to it — again, my plate presentations leaves a little to be desired, but…

Taste is more important, no?

Jeremy had THREE helpings and Emily had TWO!  It was nice to hear, “Dad, could I have more zucchini?”… Why certainly.  Have as much as you want!!!

All of this rushing around was for Emily’s fastpitch, playoff games.  It has been a rough season for her team.  For most of the girls, this is their first year playing softball let alone, fastpitch softball.  Emily has been playing since she was three years old.  I’ve coached her and Jeremy the entire time, up until last year.  This girl’s got some skills, so it made it a little frustrating for her, but Emily being much like myself – usually just goes with it and has fun no matter what.

Emily looking intimidating at third base

Just after hitting her double and stealing third.

After their first playoff victory – 7/11/12

After the loss that knocked them out of the playoffs – 7/12/12

Funny thing is with this loss, the girls were still so stinking excited.  The team they played is a travel, tournament team (meaning they are really, REALLY good).  This was the third time we played them this season.  The first time they beat us by 22 points, the second by 18 and now this time in the playoffs by only 6!  It’s the small victories that mean the most sometimes.

Last night was my usual Wednesday night run.  This time I went it alone through the trails.  It was such a beautiful night for a run!  I popped my headphones in and headed out for what I planned on as being 10 miles before going to Panini’s to “refuel” aka drink beer and eat bar food 🙂 with some great people.  I went my usual 5.xmile route but accidently made a wrong turn when I was trying to retrace a path at the end we took that was different.  That is when I stumbled upon this.

I had forgotten all about this little section of trail!  I had only been on it once with the kids and that was a long time ago.  I made the wrong turn and as it happens, this loop is approximately a quarter mile LOOP.  I didn’t realize that until I was about 3/4 thru my SECOND time around when it occurred to me that, “hey, this looks familiar!”  I think I am going to add this section into my normal route now.  I also got buzzed by this stinking hawk!

This hawk came swooping down within 5 feet of my head.  Made me jump and say out loud “holy shit!”.  There was a couple walking towards me at the time and they started BUSTING up laughing.  It had to be quite a site!  Here is the data for this run.  I pushed it pretty hard through the trails averaging a 9:00 min/mile pace for almost 12 miles.  I’m supposed to be tapering for BR, but don’t feel I’ve put in the miles, so I am going to do a little more than what my “schedule” calls for but a little less than running an ultra distance on the weekends.  To finish this run I ended up at Panini’s as usual with some great friends.

Black bean burger 🙂 — notice, lots of water and very few long islands this time!

This time I didn’t order a Panini sandwhich, I opted for a black bean burger – and holy hell was it good!  Black bean burger, pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, onions… mmmmmm.

Good luck with your training whatever it may be for and run safe my friends!


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