CSA, Dinners, and National MS Society

MAN!!! Time is just FLYING! I cannot believe that I am 3 CSA posts behind and there is so much that I want to go over in this post. First things first tho. Fresh Fork Market CSA… you guys are KILLING IT!!!

Summer CSA – Week 8

Week 8 CSA:

  • 1 pint blueberries
  • 6 ears sweet corn
  • 3lbs yukon gold potatoes
  • 1 bunch rainbow swiss chard
  • 1 bunch collard greens
  • 2ct cucumbers
  • 1 1.5lbs herloom tomatoes
  • 1 package chicken bratwurst
  • 1lb yellow wax beans
  • 2ct green peppers

Not that our packages were boring before – far from it, but they are REALLY appealing to me now! With the addition of sweet corn, bratwurst, peppers and potatoes???

Chicken Brat, cabbage, onions, peppers and Gouda cheese

Little kid – big mouth, YUM!

I had cabbage from a prior weeks CSA that I finally got around to chopping up, cooked it with some bacon fat, green peppers and onions and placed it in a bun with the chicken brats… I love making “bad for you fair food” — good πŸ™‚

Then the next night, took the left overs and added them to some noodles. LOVE cabbage and noodles. I also love to use the yogurt we get from FF to top it off with. Yes, plain yogurt in place of sour cream… mmmm mmmm good! πŸ™‚

Cabbage and Noodles

Week 9 CSA

  • 1 whole cantaloupe
  • 1 pint mixed color cherry tomatoes or approx 1.5lbs heirloom tomatoes
  • 2 zucchini
  • 1-2ct eggplant
  • 1 bulb garlic
  • large candy onion
  • 2 oz basil
  • 1 bunch curly kale
  • approx 1.5lbs slicing tomatoes
  • 1lb bulk italian sausage (ground)
  • 1 pnt blackberries (or approx 1.5lbs. peaches)

Summer CSA – Week 9

First thing about this bag — it is about a 20min drive from my house to my pick up location. The blackberries? Never had a chance! πŸ™‚ I left a couple in the container so that I could take a picture. One of the dinners I made from this weeks bag was eggplant parmesan. I’ve never made t before and was excited to try. The kids were a little leery about having egg-plant parmesan for dinner, but once is was all cooked and made up —- 2nds were had! Which brings me to a thought. I have been seriously thinking about portion control with my kids. Is there really any harm in over doing it a bit on eggplant? I know too much of anything is never a good thing, but eggplant?? really??? πŸ™‚

My first ever eggplant parmesan

Week 10 CSA

  • 1 bunch carrots
  • 1 dz eggs
  • 1 piece gouda cheese
  • a handful of hot hungarian peppers
  • approx 2 to 3 green peppers
  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 1 pint mixed color cherry tomatoes
  • 1 lb green filet beans
  • 2 ct cucumbers
  • approx. 1.5lbs peaches
  • in addition to what the normal bag contains, I also purchased from the back of the truck;
  • 1 package of green onion bratwurst
  • 1 package of breakfast patties
  • 1 bag of chips
  • 1 container of raspberry chipotle salsa

Summer CSA – week 10

My plans for this head of cabbage is to turn it into cabbage rolls. It is a BIG head so I plan on making quite a bit and freezing it.

The eggs, cooked over easy, combined with the raspberry chipotle salsa, breakfast patty and all placed on an Everything bagel made for an amazing breakfast sandwich – sorry, no pic. You’ll have to use your imagination! I also grilled up the green onion brats, roasted potatoes, green peppers, onions and zucchini for dinner one night — again, sorry, no pic 😦

Other happenings lately? I’ve been struggling trying to cook the kids healthy dinners before jetting off to football practice. Unfortunately we’ve seen the inside of Subway (most healthy alternative to fast food, no? Just ask Jared) more times than I would like lately. Enter “The Fresh 20“. I COMPLETELY forgot about this subscription! I’ve been receiving the emails, but havent really been paying attention to them and just deleting them.
What it is, is a weekly subscription (I think that I paid for it, so I should probably find out how much I am paying for it) that you sign up for and they email you weekly meal plans. Not only do they have the meal plan, they give detailed recipes, a shopping list and nutritional contents for each meal. Talk about taking the guess work out of meal planning. I pay (at least I think I do) for a “Classic” subscription. There also are Vegan and Gluten Free meal plans. Here is a sample of what receive from them. Classic_August10 Check them out. You will NOT be disappointed.
Last, but NOT least by any stretch of the imagination. When I finished my blog post regarding my BikeMS ride, I posted a link to it on the National BikeMS Facebook page as well as the Bike MS Pedal to the Point Facebook page. Time passed and while I had a few more blog views than normal I thought nothing of it. Heck when published my BR100 race report, by blog views spiked to 98, but the increase this time was very small. Today I received an email from Allison, the Marketing Coordinator for the National MS Society Ohio Buckeye Chapter. She told me that she read my blog and shared it with a couple of her coworkers and that they “loved it”. She invited me to and sent me information about an event they have going on “Locavore“. This sounds like it is right up my alley. It is a tasting and pairing event on Friday, September 7 at Windows on the River! Your senses will be indulged as you sample delicious chocolates, pastries, and hors d’oeuvres from local vendors carefully paired together with wine and beer featuring several prominent chefs from Cleveland — I.Love.Food πŸ™‚ So as you could imagine, I am very excited to attend this and meet them. There is a race that I was thinking of participating in that weekend, but I think I am going to have to pass it up and go to this event in it’s place. Tickets for this event can be purchased online here.
Not sure if it coincidental or not, but on any given day my blog usually generates 20-30 page view per day, with an occasional exception. Well… after I received her email, I watched my page view count go up, and up and up! Before I left work for the day it was over 110 and as of the time that I am typing this blog post it is already over 166! Silly that it is these little things that make me happy, huh?


11 thoughts on “CSA, Dinners, and National MS Society

  1. I had commented on that MS blog post and Allison contacted me too and thought I would like to go.WOUlD I? YES!! sadly my travel budget is spent for the year. It would have been cool to meet you!
    I have to say, I do not think it is a coincidence that you are getting a larger readership. You write interesting stuff, so people share! I have shared it with some running buddies who are looking to do ultras. We loved the part where you slept at the finish line because it is real. We all get that tired after pushing ourselves hard. But a 100miles? That is off the hook!! The more you write the larger your blog will grow.

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