Let the craziness begin — again.

Overall stats for this weekend?  63.58 miles covered, 5,509 calories burned

It is time to start ramping up my mileage again. It is only 6 short weeks until my next 100 mile race and then one month later my double marathon.  However I just might have to add one more.  My good friend, Doug, who has completed a Half Ironman, the Cleveland Marathon, and a 50k, among other 5’ks, 10k’s, and half marathons, is planning to run the Portage Lakes Tri in September and then following that up the next week with the Runnnig with Scissors Double Marathon (can you say badass??).  Anyways, Doug has been trying to convince me that I need to do another triathlon —- I.AM.CAVING.  So I guess I’m going to have to start adding swimming back into my training regimen.  Have I mentioned before that I SUCK at swimming and open water swimming (Portage Lakes Tri) scares the HELL out of me??.  It does.

It is “only” a sprint tri so as far as the running and biking goes, I think I’ve got that covered.  I rode 15.x miles Friday night, ran 10.8miles Saturday morning, rode 23.49 miles Saturday afternoon and then ran 13.8 miles Sunday morning.  I just need to get a wetsuit (for buoyancy reasons – because I sink like a rock!) and get my butt back into the water.  With my next 100miler, which is quickly approaching, followed the next month by uhh.. the Portage Lakes Tri, then the following weekend the Running with Scissors Double marathon.  I feel like I should be following some sort of training program, but I’m not.  I think I will have to download one this week and jump into it for these last few weeks.

One of the coolest things about running/training/living where I do is I could spend the morning running deep in the wooded trails and then finish my afternoon riding miles and miles along the lakefront – all with spots to stop and enjoy my surroundings.  NE Ohio IS a fabulous place to live!

In usual fashion – I like to take pictures while embarking on our little “adventures” and like to share 🙂

4 miles into our normal run at North Chagrin reservation

I thought this was a cool picture.   I was actually trying to capture the steam coming off some of my friends, but the sunshine created a cool effect I thought.

Later that same morning, lake front 🙂 on beautiful Lake Erie

The next Day Doug and  I hit the Buckeye Trail (1,444miles, 2,324 km) worth of trails encircling Ohio.  More on these trails later.

Buckeye Trail – follow the blue blazes

This section of the trail is mostly roads, but worked out perfectly since Doug is currently training for the Columbus Marathon.

Love the scenery

While this section maybe mostly roads, it does not lack in scenery!

Breakfast pizza, anyone??

This is one of the many reasons I love to run, to burn calories so I could eat!!  After our AM run we went to a place called Burgers-n-Beer for breakfast.  This Breakfast Pizza was s0 flipping good.  Three eggs, peppers, onions, sausage, smothered with cheese and hot sauce, all atop a soft crust, coupled with a Summer Shandy?  Yes please.

And about the Buckeye Trail……
Since not being able to run Iceland in 2013, I have nothing big planned now.  I’ve been throwing around the idea of tackling the entire BT in one year.  With a little planning it is totally doable and who knows, maybe I could pick up some sponsors and turn it into a fund raiser —-  this is gonna be fun!

The Buckeye Trail Overview


2 thoughts on “Let the craziness begin — again.

  1. As a swimmer who is trying to become a runner (totally different muscles and it sucks) I would recommend booking a one on one private lesson. You’ll just need one, and the instructor will give tips and critique your stroke. They will give suggestions for when you start training. It helps take the fear out of it. You might be surprised at what a difference it makes!

    • Thanks for the input :). Unfortunately, I’ve already taken private (well, group but I was the only one in the class) lessons. While it did help me work on my stroke, I still get panicky when miss a breath and the water is over my head. The whole fear of drowning thing messes me up! Maybe the duathlon is more my event 😉

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