Eleven? Already???

The other day was pretty big around our house — Jeremy turned 11!  Unbelievable how quickly time is passing.  This kid is getting so big, he is changing right before my eyes!  This year for his birthday he wanted to take some friends to the Lake County Captains baseball game.  So I picked up tickets for the game, along with meal tickets for him and four of his friends and so Emily wasn’t stuck with a bunch of boys I got her tickets and let her invite a friend to hang out with — add that up?  Yes.  Me and SEVEN kids!!!  What a night!

B-day party!!

It really wasn’t that bad.  The kids are at the age in which we go to the ballpark, I sit down and watch the game and tell them to check in every 3 innings.  They had a blast!

Kids on the field — smiling ear to ear!

Between games (it was a double header) we had cake 🙂

I think he’s up to something….

And I was right… The boys are also at the age where they are taking more of an interest in girls.  In between games they also “had” to do this..

Eastlake gymnastics team performed — see the boys getting close to the field on the right…

They were too funny when they came back.  “Dude, she waved to me!”, “Did you see the one girl who did the flip?  She kept looking at me!”  Bahahahahahah or do I really mean boohoo hooo hooo hooo!!  They are getting too old!

Happy Birthday buddy.  I love you very much 🙂


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