Racking up the miles…

This is one of the many reasons I bike and run….

Where we live is absolutely amazing. I could run in the woods, bike along the lake shore and then head out for a night in the city – all in the same day.

With all my races coming up I had to start increasing my mileage. This past weekend I rode my bike to the park to meet up with the “boys” from Achilles Running Store in Mentor. I am on their “race team” and this is the only place that I’ll buy shoes at. They have an amazing staff there and an awesome selection. If you are local, check them out. If you aren’t check out their website – they also have a store in Erie PA.

Anyways — I thought these guys were really nice. Saturday morning, tho? I think they tried to KILL me! HOLY crap – it was a struggle to keep up with them. Remember, I.AM.NOT.FAST! Check out this data. Most of the data points are sub 8. Thankfully for the hills, in which I almost always walk, slowed us down and let me catch my breath!

After this crazy fast (although doesn’t seem that way by our average pace) run, I decided to take the long way home and ended up turning an 8.3 mile ride into a 20.9 mile ride — man I love riding my bike!

Part of the bike path at North Chagrin

I got home and was spent! But the day wasn’t over yet – my buddy Doug was having a fish fry with some friends and family and invited me over. It was amazing. Nothing like fresh Lake Erie perch and fresh-cut french fries capped off with some Summer Shandys! Good thing I ran and biked because I earned all those calories I ate!

Bobbing for fries anyone?

While at Doug’s we tried to plan out a run the next day.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to come up with one that would work for us both. I ended up running with some other of our friends – Eric, Tapatha, and Charlie. We planned on running 20 but ended up cutting it short to 19.  Other than not fueling properly for this run and being stung several times by something – this run was SWEET 🙂  Running in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is phenomenal! (enter photosplash :))

Love the tree roots growing out of the ledges

Love this place

Charlie and Eric

Camel Humps

Top of first hill — looking at second

Charlie and Tapatha – on their way up

Now it’s time for some real work to begin.  After running BR100, I really haven’t been on any kind of training program for my upcoming races (Yo Momma’s 100 miler next month, Running with Scissors – Double Marathon; end of Octorober, Bill’s Bad Ass 50k; Mid November, Winter Run for Regis 50k; mid-January 2013, then finally my plans to run the entire 1444miles of the Buckeye Trail for charity- Rush for a Cause, during the year of 2013.  That ends today.  I printed the 100 mile training program and am jumping in where I should be, time to get back to 75 mile weeks!

Lastly — planning for my charity run has also begun and I have received many emails from people who want to join my team.  More to follow on this shortly — Hold on, this ride is gonna rock!


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