Ok, well not “zombies and football” together at the same time, but zombies and football in the same weekend 🙂

I was watching the news several weeks ago and heard a story they were doing on a new haunted attraction nearby.  There was a place looking to hire people to be zombies for their haunted hayride.  Sounds normal enough, right?  The twist with this one tho?  The people on the hayride are given paintball guns and get to shoot the zombies!!  Seriously?  I played on a paintball league at Pinnacle Woods for a couple of years.  How could I possibly pass this up!

That night at dinner I told the kids about my plan to go and needless to say they were excited.  This was all I heard about for weeks!  “Dad, do paintball guns kick?”, “Dad, will they shoot back?”, “Dad, are paintball guns loud?”, “Dad, I CAN’T WAIT!!!”, Dad, A COUPLE MORE WEEKS!!!”, “DAD WE ARE GOING TOMORROW!!!”

Hey guys — Are you excited???

It was finally the day and we were set to go.  I invited along a good friend of ours kid, Angelo, so we picked him up and off we went.  It was supposed to be a 45min drive down to Mapleside Farms, but due to a freak hail/wind storm it turned into just over an hour.  The ride was supposed to start at 5:00pm and I knew the line was going to be long, so we got there at 4:45pm but because of the weather, the start of it was postponed till 8:00pm!  Luckily there was quite a bit to do there;

A gift shop

Of course yummy snacks

Some great places to take pictures

There is also a fantastic restaurant, “Melrose Grill“.  It is a really nice place in which, if you are in the area you should definitely check it out.  There were what appeared to be “kids” eating Homecoming dinner there and a couple of weddings roaming around inside taking pictures — yeah, it is really that nice.

So finally it was time!

We were shown the history behind the zombies and directed to our tractor.   Click here to check out the video.

After a few photo-ops (with the annoying tractor lights in the background) we were off to make the world a safer place!

Jeremy and Emily posing with their weapons

Angelo – locked and loaded

We were debriefed about the use of our guns, that once the zombies are dead to stop shooting them – and then we were off!  The tractor’s lights were shut off and they pulled us through 10 zones that the zombies have taken over.  The only light we had to go by (besides the flash from my phone — which the kids complained about) was the black lights and flash lights that our ride leader carried so that we could see the zombies in the darkened woods.

Fire at will!

Can you “kill” the undead??

Hey, Ang… you guys kinda look a like!

Emily loves the little pumpkin head

Hmmm… I don’t know WHAT look he was going for 🙂

After our zones were cleared we were driven back to the beginning and the kids (ok, me too) took great pleasure in telling everyone standing in line that, “It’s ok – they could go home now.  We killed all the zombies and it is safe.”


As far as the football part of this weekend goes.. it was cold!  Getting ready for football this morning I told Emily that she needed to wear long socks today.  So what does she come down the stairs wearing?  PINK SOCKS making it abundantly clear to the boys on the other team that they were getting knocked on their ASSES by a girl!  Emily’s Army Cadets won again bringing their record to 3 and 1.

Emily laying in a big block

All smiles on her way to her post game meeting

Congrats babygirl — as always, Daddy’s proud

Jeremy’s team did not fare so well.  After falling behind early in the game, Big Army fought back but still came up short.  Bringing their record to 3 and 1 with this being their first loss.  The boys played hard and didn’t back down.  I was expecting their coaches to really lay into them at their post game meeting, but they noticed the same thing I did — the fact that they never gave up.

Going over the play

In on the tackle

Played hard and never gave up… that’s my boy! Proud of you kid!

How was your weekend?  LOVED MINE.




















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