Yo Momma kicked my a**!!

Just as the title says — Yo Momma kicked my A**.. all over Chillicothe Ohio!

Well…  I had my second 100mile race this past weekend and this race was the most difficult one that I have run so far.  I was running this race w/o a crew, w/o any pacers and was honestly expecting to crush it in under 24hrs.  What happened then?  Unexpected breathing problem, mind games and hills…..

I was looking forward to this race for quite some time.  Running it in my head over and over again, just like  did for BR…. then I really looked at the map.  The entire time I thought this race was at CVNP.  The course appeared to be two lollipop loops which I thought was at CVNP.  Turns out it wasn’t – not even close.  Rather then being held in our beloved CVNP, the race was in Chillicothe Ohio!  Shit!  Where the hell is that?!?   I looked it  up on-line and found it to be 3.5 hours away!  OK – time to rethink my plan…

I could not drive down the day before the race to pick up my packet, come home and drive down race day morning.  With the race being on Saturday and me planning on finishing Sunday morning, then trying to get to my kids football games Sunday afternoon – I decided that it would be best if I drove down the night before, slept  in my car, run 100miles in 24hrs, nap in my car for a few minutes (oh hours), then drive 3.5hrs back home in order to catch my kids football games Sunday afternoon.  This thought was starting to weigh heavily on me so I decided that I needed to find someone to go down with me — if for nothing else to drive my stinky ass home.  After numerous posts on FB, practically begging for someone to join me for a “fabulous weekend getaway in beautiful Chillicothe Ohio” I got no takers.  Then about two weeks before the race a good friend of mine Kelly M. messaged me, “Hey Mike – if you don’t find someone to go to Chillicothe with you, let me know.  I’d go”  NICE!  One less worry on my mind.

Now I had to find out more about the course.  Rob Carroll, the race director, described it in the flier like this;

“While the course offers plenty of technical & hilly challenges, we intended to eliminate the sever heat and humidity of summer ultras as an obstacle to completing your first 100-miler.  A 25K loop/out-n-back hybrid, the race course is short enough to ease the minds of first timers and diverse (and tough) enough to more than satisfy veterans!”

I thought, after BR, this was going to be cake!  that is until another friend of mine,  Steve P., posted on the BR Facebook page about running this race and it’s elevation about it being over 17,000ft!!  I did some checking and he was right…  Strange location, new course, crazy elevation.. yikes.  Now I was a bit worried.

No.. that couldn’t be…

Yep.. it was! Yo Momma has some biggins!

We arrived at start/finish in time for a quick pic before the pre-race meeting.

Remember Peg?? No?? (click here) She was ready!

Steve and I had the same plan and while standing at start/finish we ended up right next to each other.  He was running alone as well, so we decided to run together.  We ran with a small group for the first 5 miles or so and one of the guys was talking about a night run he did on the course a couple of days earlier and how a pack of about 15 coyotes trailed him for about a mile.  That I DID.NOT.NEED to hear!  I’m cool with running alone at night but throw the coyotes into the equation and they creep me out!  I’ve mentioned before how I’ve encountered them and how they’ve shadowed friends in the trails.  Usually 1-3 of them, but 15??  One more thing for me to stress about later this evening.  Steve and I covered the first 2x.x miles together, came through the chute and found out I was in 4th place and feeling strong!

Coming in at mile 3x.x

hmmmm… deciding what to eat. One of the best parts of running ultras..

Beautiful course… wish I could have soaked it in some more.

The next 16 miles seemed to fly by.  Coming thru the chute this time I dropped to 6th place.  While not feeling as strong,  I was still feeling pretty damn good!  That was short-lived…  Steve’s pace was difficult to keep up with and shortly thereafter, the pace and hills started taking their toll.

Almost halfway up…

Nearing the top — or so we thought… Not nice Rob!!! lol

Negative thoughts started creeping in so I told Steve to run on, that I was going to listen to some music and shake it off.  About 8 miles later, the music did the trick and I was feeling better about running.  A much larger problem had arisen tho.  I started having trouble breathing.  Almost like an asthma attack.  this has happened one time before while running O24, a 24hr endurance run I did last year (I’m on the race committee for it this year – click here to check it out, sign up and join us!) only this time it was much worse.  I was coughing and wheezing like crazy!   As I approached the next aid station, a kid ran out to see what I needed.  Telling him I needed a ride was so difficult to do.  I grabbed some water, walked away from the aid station and plopped down on the ground, defeated.  I never imagined that dropping out of a race would feel this way.  Struggling to keep my emotions in check, I sent Kelly a text telling her that I couldn’t make it back.  She responded saying that someone was on their way to pick me up.  Several minutes later someone came over to check on me.  After regaining my composure I thanked all of the volunteers and awaited my ride.  Rob’s mother came to pick me up — what a great family they are!

Once back at start/finish Rob came over to shake my hand and talk to me about the race.  I told him the course and volunteers were all incredible and that I had a score to settle with Yo Momma next year.

Pulling out of the park we came across Steve still looking strong.  I messaged him when I got home and this was his response.

Yep — official results, only 3 people actually finished the race!  Any question as to its difficulty?

Click here for my race data  – 11hours 47 minutes, 45.43 miles covered, 11853ft of elevation climbed, dropped out of race while still in 6th place..

Race director, Rob and his incredibly supportive wife. Thanks for a GREAT time! See you at Yo Momma next year!

Now to play catch-up again… after tomorrow, two CSA posts, a garden post and kids football…. busy, busy, busy!!!


7 thoughts on “Yo Momma kicked my a**!!

  1. This was UNREAL!!! There is nothing scarier than not being able to breathe!! It took me a bit to figure out your math for the elevation climb. at first I thought you were running at 17000 feet! But that would be scaling Mnt. McKinnley, lol. Then I figured it was consecutive! Ding! Ding! The lightbulb went off! I live at 2300 ft. and often head to the rockies where the town site is 4500ft and everything else climbs up from there. It takes me a bit to aclimatize before I can go hiking or paddling. I can only imagine the burn in the legs after those climbs!! Talk about a need for serious hill training! This was a great run report 🙂 rest up!

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