How to crash a wedding — OUTRUN style

What an INCREDIBLE weekend this was!  If there was any question as to why I love running and my friends so much – this weekend explained it 100%.

A couple of our friends got married this past weekend, Jeannette and Kevin.  A couple of the most nicest people ever.  These two are perfect for each other and their love for one another is something to be admired — yeah yeah… enough of the mushy stuff…. you get the idea 🙂

Kevin and Jeannette met at Squire Castle which happens to be located in North Chagrin Metropark, the same park that we frequent all too often (OK, honestly – I don’t think I could ever visit this park too often).  Anyways, they met there and wanted to get married there.  One night while we were overindulging at our previously favorite haunt, they were talking about their wedding.  Afterwards the rest of us discussed how fun it would be to “crash” their wedding, it was in a public place and we would be running there that day anyways.  We originally were planning on running by during the wedding to witness them exchange vows and be one of the first to congratulate them.  Either they must have caught wind of it, or they had an inkling that we were up to something so Kevin made up a Facebook invite for the “Wedding Crashers”.  Now that we were “invited” things got interesting.  We decided to make this a formal event.  So we all got dressed up in our trail running bests and celebrated this joyous occasion with them.

The wedding crashers

We ended up running around 8 miles that morning, then timed it so we make it to the wedding a little before it began.  Picture this — absolutely beautiful day, all of us running through a crowded metropark, passing countless people just enjoying their day who could do nothing but stare and laugh at a bunch of crazed runners, bounding through the woods, jumping in mud puddles and laughing hysterically.

Here’s a small glimpse to give you an idea…  On our way to the ceremony 🙂

Just behind Squires is a fairly large hill.  We congregated at the top and ran down in a group.. hooting, hollering, and blowing noise makers.  The looks on people’s faces were priceless.

Guys with the groom

What the bride saw approaching her

Ladies and the bride

In all seriousness, the wedding was awesome;  Kevin’s brother played the bagpipes, they wrote their own vows – beautiful.

Kevin and Jeannette

Congratulations you two!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Bills Bad Ass –

This weekend also gave Doug and I our first glimpse of the Bills Bad Ass 50k course.  This is a 5 mile course that we will be running 6 times, with an extra mile run (0.5mile out and back) up “Candy Ass Hill”.  There are a number of use from our group OUTRUN participating in this race.  Which means it is going to be one HELL OF A good time!

This race is billed as one for a newbie-ultramarathon runner and their mentor.  This will be Doug’s first “official” 50k and JT was supposed to mentor him.  The race date changed and JT already had plans on the new date and wasn’t able to mentor him, so Doug asked me.

Running the trails this day was simply remarkable and exemplified everything that there is good about trail running.  The weather, the views, and most of all – the friends.

Muddy friends

Whenever I had my phone out, I tried to make sure I was clear of any mud puddles or those that may jump in said puddles. There was one time though,  I was running along marveling in the beauty of the falling leaves so I got out my phone to try to capture this moment and.. well.. here.  Just watch..

Maturity level once on the trails drops to somewhere about your late teenage years.  Topics of conversation that would make anyone blush, jumping in puddles, running through streams, splashing mud, placing strategically placed mud prints… wink wink, nudge nudge… .. good times….

Covered Bridge

Bills Bad Ass starts at this covered bridge – (same one that I think was at mile 8x.x something of Burning River) and winds through CVNP for a 5 mile loop.

Stunning scenery

Leaves are changing and falling…

It has finally been raining enough to fill up all the little creeks and streams that wind their way through these trails.  Creek crossings are one of the many things I enjoy about running trails.

One of several creek crossings

I also enjoy running ahead of our group and recording some of these crossings…

We got a little carried away with this run tho…  Doug and I went to jump into the same mud puddle to splash the group.  Little did I know he jumps the way he plays Wii dance!  When he jumped up, arms went up.  When gravity pulled him back down, down came the arms to accentuate the force at which he hit the puddle…  unfortunately I was close enough to Doug when I jumped into the puddle that one of his arms caught me smack dab in the face!  At which time my nose began to bleed (which lasted for over 2 miles)!  Doug is a true friend tho.  How do I know?  His reaction as I was wiping blood from my face…. “Dude, hold on!  Let me get a picture!” LOL

Post Doug attack

After running this loop 6 times, there is one last surprise for those completing this 50k.  A half mile run to the top of “Candy Ass Hill” in which you claim your prize of candy and run back down.  This hill is no joke!

Near the top of Candy Ass Hill looking down at others that are half way up

Click here for the data from this run.  Nice slow and easy, 11.04 miles, 2hrs4min, 1428 feet of elevation climbed, 1539 calories burned.
With several races looming on the horizon, and aspirations of running the Buckeye Trail in 2013, training miles will really be adding up again.  I also need to decide on a costume for my Running with Scissors Double Marathon in two weeks.

OK — two down, one more to go!  Next up, Kid’s football!!!


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