Never too young to start!

I’ve introduced Jeremy and Emily to trail running a couple of weeks ago. THEY.LOVED.IT!

They both had so much fun! I told them that we will be running Saturday mornings, every other weekend. Hitting the roads for them is just as blah as it is for me. Em would normally get tired out and whiny after the first half mile or so, but not in the trails! They are sooo much like me. Hit the trails, jump in the mud and goof off! We’ve always said that once you hit the trails, your maturity level drops 20yrs or so — in their case, they get to be kids — as much as they want 🙂 While I could write about our adventures all day, I’d rather let some of the pictures explain them..

First time in the trails – such form 🙂

Still smiling after their first run? We might be on to something…

So now — they are hooked! All I hear about is when we are hitting the trails again.

The first run I introduced them to a short 1.7 mile muddy trail. Our next venture was a 2+ mile, obstacle and creek crossing beauty.

Ahhhh.. just like their Daddy and his friends.

Jeremy? This kid is FAST! This is how Emily and I saw him most of the day

Emily really enjoyed this run. Like I said, typically she’d start complaining when we tried to run the roads, but I think with the mud, streams, ditches to jump and steps to transcend, her mind was kept busy and the distance never played a role.

Bridge crossing – even kids do it gangnam style

Em – end of bridge to nowhere

NO Jeremy! Don’t throw her in that strange fireplace out in the middle of nowhere!

So now that the weather is getting colder, I’m going to have to pick them up some cold weather gear. They are going to love running in the snow. In the meantime, I’ve signed us up for their next 5k. The YMCA Turkey run. Jeremy has his time down to under 27min, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will do well in his age group. Too bad it’s 14 and under! How cool would it be for him to beat out a 14yr old tho 🙂

Great run guys!!! So proud!!!

Still trying to catch up with football and Halloween as well as some baking adventures… Football and Halloween will be too long to write about here but the baking adventures? Emily and I have been baking banana bread, I made a loaf (she helped), then Emily made a loaf (with my help) and I treated it as a math lesson – “The recipe calls for 1-1/2c of flour? Here, here’s a 1/4c, how many do you need?” Get the picture 🙂 This last time, she looked up the recipe online and I let her have at it! She did awesome!

Another job well done Em!

Here is the recipe that Emily has been using…


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