Have I told you how much my kids ROCK!

Hello there! It’s been a little while since my last blog post — not that there hasn’t been much happening, quite the contrary — SO much has been going on that I haven’t had much time at all! So hold on! This is going to be a long, entirely “Bragging Parent” post complete with an overabundance of photos portraying some seriously happy, healthy and somewhat injured kids!

As I anticipated, my food related blog posts have REALLY slowed since our Fresh Fork Market, Summer CSA program has ended and as much as I wanted to, I didn’t subscribe to our Winter CSA program. Β However, I got my latest Fresh 20 email the other day and the kids and I grocery shopped and plan on following this one for the entire week. That is a blog post for another time tho. I’ll be sure to let you know how it went.

OK, back to the kids. As I said in the beginning of my blog I wanted to use it to chronicle our life’s adventures and partly use it as a virtual scrap-book to share with my family and friends, as well as anyone else interested in the same things we are πŸ™‚

I think the best way to get anyone interested in anything is to make it fun, especially for the kids! If you remember our first venture into the trails, I taught them the basics – run, jump in puddles, splash one another with mud, run through streams not tip toe through them, and smile and laugh! Our next venture I took them to enjoy the incredible beauty of our park system. This time we traveled out to CVNP and spent some serious time exploring the ledges — begin part I of photo overload…

Start of our ledges trek

Start of our ledges trek


Discussing where to go next


Tight squeeze


You go into that dark cave first…


Up and up they go….

Taking a break.

Taking a break.

Made it to the top!  Love the pose - very Pam R'ish :)

Made it to the top! Love the pose – very Pam R’ish πŸ™‚

We spent this entire day hiking this park and exploring the caves. The kids were AMAZED and pretended they were real explorers. Was truly a great day! Part II of getting the kids hooked on being happy, healthy and active complete!

On to our next adventure! They’ve already experienced a couple runs in the trails, did some serious exploring and time again to experience the thrill of a crowded race! What better race to then the YMCA Turkey Trot.

These two are just TOO cute!

These two are just TOO cute!

Nice sized race!

Nice sized race!

Serious Outrunner - Peg, garmin GPS, Ipod...

Serious Outrunner – Peg, garmin GPS, Ipod…

Serious Outrunner/fun seeker - love her spirit!

Serious Outrunner/fun seeker – love her spirit!

Em and our close friend Kellie (she's not the turkey in the middle)

Serious Outrunner/fun seeker along with a creepy turkey and a seriously good friend

This was our friend, Kellie’s, 2nd 5k and myself and another friend intended on sticking with her for it, but I told the kids.. RUN! And run they did!! Emily finished this race in just over 32min, Angelo (Kellie’s son) finished seconds after Emily and Jeremy rocked out a 29min PR! They all waited for us to come across the finish line and cheered us through the chute! You could check out Jeremy’s data here… (yes, he’s 11 and loves his Runkeeper data as much as I do).

Both Jeremy and Emily had an absolute BLAST at this race and their comments to me afterwards were as follows;

  • Emily — Dad, the roads are boring, I want to do 5k races in the trails
  • Jeremy – Dad, the roads are boring, I want to run trails and farther

So what do we do now? What do you expect, hit the trails! I posted on Outruns FB page that the kids and I would be hitting the trails at North Chagrin for a 3 mile run one Saturday morning. A couple of our friends were running 20 miles that day and said they would swing by and meet up with us. We arrived at North Chargin at 9am and met up with Charlie and Eric. We headed out, crossed “whoo hoo” creek splashed in some mud and then Emily fell 😦 —

We were about a quarter of a mile into the run, Jeremy splashed us all with some mud, I splashed Emily and then much like when Doug bloodied my nose in a training run, Emily and I went to jump into the same puddle, and WHAM! We jumped into each other and she ended up on the short end of it! I felt so bad, but even though she was covered in some mucky water, she was giggling and telling me how she was going to pay me back! I helped her up, got her cleaned up a little bit and asked if she wanted to head back. “Nope” she says and onward we ran. A short while (maybe another quarter-mile) I looked down and she was bleeding from her knees!



Loves taking the hard way

Loves taking the hard way

His best Karate Kid pose

His best Karate Kid pose

Em doesn't like "root hill" all that much

Em doesn’t like “root hill” all that much

Love this kid - notice the left knee :(

Love this kid – notice the left knee 😦

Post run, bloody knees, ONE TOUGH KID!

Post run, bloody knees, ONE TOUGH KID!

Emily and I cut this run short to just shy of 2 miles, but Jeremy went on with my (our) friends and finished off almost another mile. Not an easy mile tho – they ran up “Kiss my ass hill” (or as Jeremy says, “Kiss my butt hill cuz I can’t say the other word”) and then flew down to meet us at the car.

Almost done… still with me?? (I warned you that it was gonna be long πŸ˜‰ ) We were eating dinner about a week ago and during our usual, “How was your day, what did you do, what was your favorite part” conversation it somehow turned to running (and not by me!). “Dad, after dinner could we go for a run?” Uh, HECK YA! So with the sun setting so early now, we donned our headlamps and off we went. Emily and I ran a little over two miles singing Christmas carols badly and loudly for all to hear, while Jeremy ended up busting out just over 5 miles!

All set for our evening run

All set for our evening run

I don’t have any video of our version of the 12 days of Christmas but I do have this. This is what I heard for an entire mile — and so did all our neighbors πŸ™‚

OK — last part of this post — honest πŸ™‚

So we get home and Jeremy says he wants to run the 12k’s of Christmas on Sunday with me. My good friend Desiree put on this event as a fundraiser for Runwell (check them out here). The idea behind this run was we volunteered to sponsor a “K” and brought Christmas related food and drink. After each “K” you would come to the aid station and eat/drink and socialize πŸ™‚ The event was a success and everyone had so much fun – I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the tale…

Pre-run shinnangans

Pre-run shenanigans

We repeated several of the "K's", without running them tho.

We repeated several of the “K’s”, without running them tho.

This kid rocked it!

This kid rocked it!

Proof that she ties kids up in the woods and leaves them!

Proof that she ties up faster kids in the woods!

Katelyn, Michele's partner in crime, caught in the action

Katelyn, Michele’s partner in crime, caught in the action

Santa and some AWESOME elfs!

Santa and some AWESOME Elves!

Festive Peg

Festive Peg

Jeremy's finish - 7.5miles / 1hr20min.

Jeremy’s finish – 7.5miles / 1hr20min.


What a spread!

Check out Jeremy’s data from this run here. He killed mile one at 8:17 and mile 2 at 8:19 before I made sure he cut it back some, took his time and had fun. I’d post mine, but I DNF’d at the 7k mark – spent way too much time goofing off and eating/drinking at the aid station πŸ™‚

Shew! That was a lot to get thru! I’ll try not to let so much time go by between posts next time. Up next – our Fresh 20 week and some more miles to be logged!

Hope you all are keeping busy and healthy as well!


4 thoughts on “Have I told you how much my kids ROCK!

  1. Mike was great having you and Jeremy at the 12Ks of Christmas for Runwell. It was wonderful to see people running for the sheer joy of getting out there, helping the community by supporting and being active It was certainly an afternoon of good company, good food and drink and a whole lot of fun.. This is truely what Runwell embraces. Thank you for the part you played in making it such a success. (Lets do it again in the Summer)

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