Chalk several up in the “win” column

If you remember my last blog post, dinner #1 was the lemon dijon chicken – winner; The next one I made was Chicken tortilla Soup with Black Bean Quesadillas.  I was SO underutilizing my subscription to The Fresh 20 before and am very excited to start!

MMM.. how could soup with these ingredients NOT taste good?

MMM.. how could soup with these ingredients NOT taste good?

Words cannot describe this one — even if I found them, they wouldn’t do it justice.  I’ll let these pictures tell the story…

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Black Bean Quesadillas

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Black Bean Quesadillas

What??  All those veggies AND Emily's giving it two thumbs up!

What?? All those veggies AND Emily’s giving it two thumbs up!

Jeremy isn’t a fan of cheese and asked that I not put any in his, but he does like to add his own twist to some recipes. He added salsa to the quesadillas.  They both shared the same comments about the soup —- “Best.Soup.EVER!”

Jeremy and his classic signature of approval

Jeremy and his classic signature of approval

Well, two dinners down, two dinners loved by BOTH kids – three to go!  Lets see how long that lasts with the next one 🙂

Scallop Stir Fry

Scallop Stir Fry

It was actually supposed to be made with brown rice, but since I had white rice at home already, I thought I would use that up first.  I thought it was VERY good.  The kids had mixed reviews.  They thought that the scallops were some sort of underwater veggies which made them more palatable for them (gee.. don’t know where they got that idea from).  I have to admit I was a little concerned about this one.  I bought frozen scallops and forgot to thaw them before starting dinner.  I was in a hurry so I decided to use the microwave to do it — damn did it smell fishy! I am happy to say that I did tell the kids what they really were and they were “OK” with it.  Again, Jeremy – my adventurous eater really liked it, but Emily wasn’t completely sold.  HOWEVER, she didn’t shoot it down completely.  Her biggest complaint about it was that the red peppers were cut too big.

At least she's not crying?

At least she’s not crying?

Two thumbs up - again?

Two thumbs up – again? (also notice his favorite hoodie to wear around the house? lol)

Not sure if I’ll be making this one again or not — maybe I will but I’ll just have to cut up the peppers a little bit more.

Up next — “Calabasa” Veggie Casserole.  I made this one and only Emily and I ate it.  Unfortunately Jeremy wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from school.  Poor guy only ate a tiny but for breakfast and lunch and slept on the couch the rest of the time 😦  Emily and I ate this one.  Emily has been a trooper for many of my dinners lately, but this one she had a tough time swallowing.

"Calabasa" Veggie Casserole

“Calabasa” Veggie Casserole

The last one of this set was a pretty basic pasta dish which also went over well.  I would love to share all these recipes with you, but again – that wouldn’t be right.  Check out The Fresh 20.  It’s inexpensive and makes deciding what to make for dinner EXTREMELY easy and very healthy!

Other than dinners – I haven’t been running as much lately — seems as if our whole house caught a bug and when I drop Emily off at latchkey and hear a class full of kids coughing and wiping their noses, I know exactly why.  But everyone’s on antibiotics and I’m working on training plans for all of us.  Post Christmas things will be getting back to “normal”.

Also, please keep my friends in your thoughts prayers.  If you haven’t already, take a look here and help out if you can, every little bit helps.  Ryan had another surgery today and if all goes as planned, will be moved out of the PICU tomorrow!


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