Some thoughts while I wait…

**** Warning — one of my rarely posted “relationship type” posts ****


So here I find myself sitting in the lobby of Lake County Domestic Relations Courthouse on the eve of my 40th birthday. Looking around at the people sitting here I can’t help but wonder again why it is that people don’t take marriage/relationships as seriously as they once did? Is it that as a society we’ve grown so cold and callous that if something becomes difficult, no matter how great we once thought of it, in lieu of making attempts or working together to make things better, the most logical choice is to throw it away and find something new? As if family/love/marriage were just objects that we could obtain, use/abuse, dispose of and find anew?

It may have ended a while ago, but after today another chapter of my life officially comes to a close. I’m gladly closing the door on this one and looking forward to the ones that lay ahead. What may be hiding behind those doors? Who knows, but lately they’ve held some of the best friends I could have ever hoped for and opportunities that I’ve never imagined.


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