Winter has finally arrived!! (lots happening – warning, long read :) )

I kinda hate the fact that it has taken me so long to create a new post with my last one having the tone in which it did. I try not to make too many posts about relationship type things, but sometimes, I can’t help myself πŸ™‚

Anywhoo – I hope every had a GREAT Christmas! I know we did!

After my last post quite a bit has been going on, I’m sure the same is with you. In our family tho, this time of year is especially busy! We have many birthdays this month. My sister’s birthday is Dec. 14, my Dad AND my brother’s is Dec. 21, mine is Dec. 22, my brother-in-law’s is Dec. 23, and then my other sister’s is Jan 23! Hmmmm let me think… my Mom’s birthday is March 21 that is what, ahh 9 months ago!!!! Eww, I know, right?? LOL

We don’t really celebrate our birthdays very much although this year I did a little bit – after all, it was my 40th! The morning of my birthday it was FINALLY snowing and Charlie and I headed on out for an awesome early morning run.

Charlie and I heading out

Charlie and I heading out

After sun-up. LOVE running in this weather!

After sun-up. LOVE running in this weather!

I only knocked out only about six miles with Charlie this morning, wish it were more; running with Charlie is a blast! He’s a running MACHINE! But it wasn’t for good reason. Since my birthday was this day I was taking the kids to spend the night at Castaway Bay.

What?  Can we go in the water now??

What? Can we go in the water now??

We were spending the night here and to make it even better, my oldest daughter, Leah and her boyfriend Dev were coming to join us!

Jeremy, Leah, Emily and Dev

Jeremy, Leah, Emily and Dev (photobombed by a couple of kids)

Emily :)

Emily πŸ™‚

Just a touch of winter

Just a touch of winter

We had an absolute BLAST playing in the water for nearly five hours! Unfortunately Leah and Dev weren’t able to spend the night – they have two kids of their own to take care of; a “Pomchi” named Rocky and a mutt (sorry Leah, don’t remember what it is) named Tyson. I think next time tho, we won’t spend the night either. We woke up and were still beat from swimming and playing – no one wanted to swim in the AM, so we headed on out!

This brings us to Christmas!! It was a busy one at that! My Grandmother whose 89 wanted to have an “old-fashioned family Christmas get together” so we did this on the 23rd. Then my Mom always has a Christmas dinner on the 24th at her house.

Only two little ones left in our family.  Increases their odds of winning when playing "find the pickle" tho!

Only two little ones left in our family. Increases their odds of winning when playing “find the pickle” at Grandma’s tho!

THEN my Dad usually has a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, he came down with the flu so my sister had it at her house and we had to settle for visiting when he felt better.

Christmas morning was a bit odd since I didn’t have the kids this year. They slept at their Mother’s so they could wake up there Christmas morning. I ended up waking up around 6am donned my full Santa suite. If you remember the 12k’s of Christmas — I only wore the jacket and hat. This time I wore the entire thing – minus the beard and wig; was much too itchy and annoying. Once the sun came up and the trails brought me near the roads a ton of cars beeped at me, too bad I don’t have any pictures of it tho 😦 A few hours later, when I got home, the kids came home. Leah and Dev had a bunch of places to go, so they had to come over a bit later.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

They were both a little excited to come home, to say the least! I was a little apprehensive at first about “Santa” bringing them what he did, but Jeremy is doing more and more things on his own. With the stadium so close to our house, we’ve gone to quite a few Lake County Captains games and now that he is getting older, he hangs out with his friends while I watch the game, and since he started running, he’s been taking my phone with Runkeeper on it and heading out for runs on his own. I didn’t really want him having a phone of his own till he was a little older, but I think since he is running and such, it was a good idea. Emily’s tablet is pretty sweet, it’s a Kindle Fire HD. She loves to read so we also downloaded a couple of books for her. One other thing about it is, when she is connected to wifi she could text. Now she texts our ENTIRE family! “Good morning, what did you have for breakfast?”, “Hello Grandma what are you doing?”, “Daddy how is work?”…. She is so cute and had it not been for conversations like the one below, I would have to tell her to cut back while I’m at work.

Love this kid!

Love this kid!

The day after Christmas the festivities continued! This Wednesday (the 26th) was their Mother’s Wednesday and the kids were sleeping there again. This worked out perfectly since we were planning a run and then some fun for my Bday at our favorite haunt. The weather was not cooperating so well as there was a Winter storm warning all day and a blizzard alert! A little snow wasn’t going to stop us tho! Around 4:30/5:00pm we met up at our usual Wednesday spot for a CRAZY fun run!

Heading out

Heading out

So much snow made picture taking difficult

So much snow made picture-taking difficult

No flash and a little break in the storm

No flash and a little break in the storm

The run was awesome! The trails were beautiful and as usual, company was amazing. Then we headed for a few drinks and a lot of laughs. Good times πŸ™‚

My improvised umbrella drink -- thanks Michele :)

My improvised umbrella drink (Christmas Ale/cinnamon) — thanks Michele πŸ™‚

This past week also brought about the first sled riding of the season. Last night I took the kids to one of our favorite hills. Unfortunately is wasn’t “open” so we parked the car, put on headlamps (i mean who doesn’t keep headlamps in their car, right?) and when that got a little scary, used my car’s headlights for a little bit. Although we had fun and no-one got hurt, admittedly not one of my smarter parental decisions.

Em deciding if she should do this...

Em deciding if she should do this…

Jeremy read to go!

Jeremy read to go!

Car headlights made it so much better

Car headlights made it so much better

All smiles :)

All smiles πŸ™‚

After that we decided to call it a night! And go the next day.

Here's to safer sledding!

Here’s to safer sledding!

Or is it??

What’s next for this Christmas break? Well we have laser tag tomorrow at a new place that just opened up, a little bit more running and goofing off with the kids, then I have a 50k in North Carolina this coming weekend (The Frosty 50k) followed by another 50k in CVNP the following weekend (Winter Run for Regis). Not so sure these are wise ideas with the lack of running I’ve been doing, but I’m not looking for a PR, just to have some fun.

How was your Christmas? Big New Year’s plans?


6 thoughts on “Winter has finally arrived!! (lots happening – warning, long read :) )

  1. My mom got the kids the basic Kindles this year for Christmas. They are already downloading books from the library like crazy-which I’m OK with since they’re free. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to you and the kiddos!

    • Happy New Year to you!! πŸ™‚ Thanks… we really are. She is so funny, she’s so impatient with her new found texting ability. She will txt me something like “Good Morning” (they are on vacation from school this week still), then no more then 2 min. later she’ll txt me again “Daddy.. hello” following that up another two min. later with “Daddy… hello” again! lol

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