Introducing my family to my love….

Alright now… Really??? What did you think I meant???

If you have been following our adventures, I think you would agree with me when I say – Jeremy and Emily are HOOKED! They are loving being in the trails and splashing in the mud – I absolutely love to see them running, smiling, laughing, jumping, and splashing in puddles. Emily is also getting into the “fashion” side of running. For Christmas they both asked for running clothes and gear. Notice Emily sporting her new running skirt, tights, shirt, Nathan fuel belt, and Saucony shoes… she’s so darn cute πŸ™‚

Emily sporting her new running skirt.

Emily sporting her new running clothes

Jeremy - all smiles in his new gear

Jeremy – all smiles in his new gear – yes Saucony as well — I’m a bit brand loyal πŸ™‚

Jeremy and Emily have become quite the little runners. Jeremy wants to enter a 10k trail race next month, is seriously thinking about letting me mentor him through Bills Bad Ass, or as he calls it Bills Bad, uh – that word I’m not allowed to say… butt? and is planning on the Rite-Aid Half Marathon in May. Emily also told her teacher that her New Year’s resolution is to complete a half marathon! ROCK ON BABYGIRL! I’ve yet to sign us up yet tho — one thing I didn’t consider when all of us started running; Me + Emily + Jeremy= a 200% increase in 2013 registration fees and a huge rise in the cost of gear!

Now, my sister and brother-in-law have taken up walking almost every night – my sister is up to 4 miles! And if you’ve been reading my blogs, my niece tagged along with Jeremy for about 4 miles one night. My sister and her family has gone to North Chagrin, but walked the bridal trails and expressed an interest of joining us when the kids and I went. We went and they are now hooked as well!

We started out at Squire’s Castle and when we got out of the car, my sister was shocked! There Emily was in her running skirt and long sleeve tech shirt – no coat/hat/gloves.. Jeremy in his shorts, long sleeve tech shirt – no coat/hat/gloves, me in shorts and a short sleeve tech shirt, while my sister and her family were in coats, hats, gloves, and pants – needless to say after the first 1/2 mile, they were HOT! LOL

We headed down the bridal for a bit – yes, the same place where I knocked Emily down and bloodied her knees — Emily will not let me forget that. Our conversations usually go something like – “Dad, this is where you pushed me down!”, me – “I didn’t push you down, I tripped you – there’s a difference :)”

Vicki and Ed hitting the trails

Vicki and Ed hitting the trails

They quickly caught on to one of my favorite things about trail running — jumping in mud πŸ™‚

Courtney just after getting some from Emily

Courtney just after getting some mud from Emily

Emily is still learning the dos and do nots of splashing in the trails… Em, do NOT look down when you jump in a puddle next time!

We went for about a mile down the bridal trail, hit Rivergrove Shelter, made the “whoo hoo” creek crossing and then hit some single track. On our way back I took them up one of my new favorite sections – root hill.

Still having fun, I think :)

Still having fun, I think πŸ™‚

Jeremy - still having fun, I know!

Jeremy – still having fun, I know!

Emily perfecting her Karate Kid pose

Emily perfecting her Karate Kid pose

Just a few days prior, these trails were covered in snow. The remnants of which made some of them more like trail skating vs. trail running!

We ended up running/hiking just over 2 miles today. You could check out our data here. My niece actually liked it so much that when she got home, she called several of her friends and made arrangements for them all to hit the trails again the next day…. … Welcome to the addiction Vicki, Ed and Court — it’s a progressive disease from which there is no cure —- I hope πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Introducing my family to my love….

  1. Thanks little bro for getting us hooked. That day we went I actually set my alarm to wake up on a Saturday early! Which has never happened because I love to sleep! But was well worth it! I believe if not freezing we will go again Sunday. And yes I was totally over dressed! Thank god you made me leave my gloves and second coat in the truck! You are an awesome dad! Most kids just sit in front of tv eating junk food! You have taught your kids to be total opposite! And they are so happy and very respectful! Again you are an awesome daddy!!!

    • Lol. I’ll let him know. We were eating dinner when we were talking about it and he kept stopping short of saying it. I told him that’s the name if the event and in this case he could go ahead and say it… Nope, still he would say that “Bills Bad… (Long pause, flushed face, little giggling)…. Ah, race” :).

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