Birthday fun — how in the world is she 10!

I don’t know how I did it before, making a weekly blog post update??  I’m lucky to find the time now to make a monthly one!  Anyways, I guess a monthly one will have to do for now.  However, I have a feeling I’ll be getting back to doing them weekly very shortly….

As I said in a previous post, this past April was Emily’s 10th birthday!  HOLY SMOKES are these kids getting old!!!  For her birthday she wanted to go to one of her favorite restaurants, Fuji Japanese Steak House.  She loves when they make jokes, cook in front of her and joke around with her.  Their chefs are very good at what they do – we all really enjoy going there.  She could get her hibachi chicken, I could get sushi and Jeremy gets both — leaves LOTS of left overs for me too!

Emily Jeremy Court and Brit - ready to chow down!

Emily Jeremy and Courtney ready to chow down – Brittany… undecided? 🙂

The next day Emily also had a family party and a few friends from school for a sleep over.  Unfortunately I was pretty busy so only took a few pictures.

Nice!  Running clothes!

Nice! Running clothes!

Stylin' in her new shades..

Stylin’ in her new shades..

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

After this we didn’t see much of the girls.  They went downstairs and did what girls do… giggle, scream, giggle, sing and did I say giggle and scream??  There were four girls downstairs.  Which if you are unsure as to what the decibel level is, is somewhere along the lines of 747 taking off!  They finally crashed around 3am.  Jeremy and I played xbox for the night and slept on the couch in our living room.  Not for long though, at 7am they were up asking me to make breakfast – pancakes, Belgian waffles, bacon and sausage.

And then they was silence...

And then they was silence…

All in all, I think my baby had a great day.  She is growing up so quickly, amazes me and makes me more and more proud every day.  I’ll leave you with one more “typical Emily” video…

Emily’s happy dance at the restaurant.

Happy 10th Birthday babygirl.  I love you so very much 🙂


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