Bike MS – 2013


This is the second year that I was able to participate in this event.  Twenty-thirteen marked the 27th annual running of “Pedal to the Point”.  A 150mile (supposedly) bike ride in which on day one you ride from Brunswick Highschool to Sandusky, home of the one of the world’s most amazing amusement parks Cedar Point and then back on day two.  I say “supposedly” because my garmin data from last year clocked us at something like 188 miles total and this year it was something like 172 miles – there was a detour this year.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m NOT complaining!  This ride is/was amazing!

For those of you that have visited my blog before and are already aware of one of the reasons I want to ride this, bare with me please…

To steal an excerpt from my prior post, “Bike MS is a fundraiser to help fight multiple sclerosis.  MS is a chronic and unpredictable disease affecting more than 20,000 people in Ohio.  Currently there is no cure for MS.  Advances in treating and understanding MS are made every year and progress in research in finding one is very encouraging.”  (you could read that whole post here Bike MS 2012).   I was riding on behalf of my cousin Karen again, who has been living with MS for 24 years now.  Last year I raised $575.00.  This year, thanks to my amazing friends and family I was able to raise $850.00.  And as of the time I type this post, this event has raised $1,465,162.00, just shy of the $1,500,000.00 goal — but there is still time!

I was riding with my good friend Brian (BMO) again this year.  We had such a great time last year, I had high expectations for this year’s ride!  We again teamed up with Team Mellen and I was going to try and post our team picture that was taken this year, but I couldn’t capture it well enough to make anyone recognizable.  You could click here though and see a picture of our team as well as other teams that rode.

BMO and I had just as much fun this year as we did last — even trying to replicate a photo that we took….

BMO and I goofing off at an aid station

2013 attempt to replicate...

2013 attempt to replicate….  Close 🙂

The weather for this ride couldn’t have been better and as usual fellow riders and volunteers were amazing!


The course is marked very clearly with signs posted on telephone poles, stakes in the ground and even painted on the roadway.  In fact, the course is marked so well, it was almost as if the course markers were aware of my knack for getting lost so they personalized the directions.

"MS"... yes, same as my initials :)

“MS”… yes, same as my initials 🙂

Day one we breezed through and the last 10 miles went something like this 47sec video clip.  Thanks again BMO for letting me draft 🙂

We arrived at Sandusky High School in a little over 5hrs and 55min covering nearly 95miles. Click here for my Runkeeper data from day one, unpacked our stuff and headed out to Cedar Point.

Some of the thousands that made the ride

Some of the thousands that made the ride

I cannot say enough how lucky I am to live where I do.  I mentioned in an earlier post about how I could cycle along the lake shore in the morning, follow that up with a swim in the lake, then a run through the trails and yet, still follow THAT up with a night in downtown Cleveland.  Now another benefit?  I live about and hour and a half or so away from one of the world’s best amusement parks.  Not only is it the second oldest amusement park in the United States, built in 1870,  it is the only one in the world with FOUR roller coasters taller than 200ft!

Cedar Point

Cedar Point

BMO and I don’t visit the park for the roller coasters after our ride though.  We take in a little train ride around the park, a ridiculously overpriced beer and a ride on the sky ride high above the park and then off to enjoy a little beer before heading back to rest up for the next day’s ride.

Did I say "little"?

Did I say “little”?

Kind of a ritual that BMO had before I started joining him on this ride.  One which I’m sure we will continue to do for years to come.  Oh yeah, another highlight of the park this day?  We sat and watched this family try to shove this stuffed animal their kid won into this little car….

Needless to say, it did NOT fit in there!

Needless to say, it did NOT fit in there!

They tried and tried to no avail to shove this thing in.  Believe it or not, they put it on top and just HELD it there!  YIKES!!

So after a good night’s sleep, as Aerosmith says — we were

Baaaack in the saddle again...

Baaaack in the saddle again…

Day two was much like day one.  Lots of pedaling, lots of laughing, lots of goofing off!

Here is the data from day number two.  We covered nearly 72 miles in just over four and a half hours.  I am so lucky to be able to participate in this event and help raise much needed money for such a great cause.  A huge thank you goes out to the organizers and all the volunteers for such a well run event. Also again, thanks BMO for being an enabler — you got me into ultra running, then cycling, what’s next??

I really hope the links to the videos work properly.  They are no longer saved on my phone so I only have them on my Facebook page.  That’ll all change soon tho, as I get more and more familiar with my new GoPro!


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