My little “Cake Boss”

I know I am jumping way ahead of myself here but we did something this weekend that was so much fun that I couldn’t resist.  I  mentioned before that one of my purposes for my blog was to treat it as sort of a virtual scrap-book to look back upon and share with family and friends – both online and in real life.  Who knows – besides trying to promote an active lifestyle and cooking adventures, maybe it will help spark an idea for someone else to do with their kids.  Well, this is one of those “scrapbooking” type posts….

I try to let my kids try as many new things as they would like —  within reason of course.  So we were sitting at the dinner table about a week ago when Emily says, “Daddy, I want to make a three-tier cake; like on Cake Boss“.  Me liking to cook couldn’t say no (yeah, I know — WAY behind on food blog posts……) I figure how hard could it be, right?

I jumped on-line one morning to look up how to make the tiers.  I now know the difference between “tiers” and “layers”, what supports are, and the need for cake boards 🙂  Emily of course rolled her eyes and expressed to me how she already knows what to do…

Off to the store we went!  A couple of cake pans, 6 boxes of mix, 6 containers of frosting, several different decorative frosting items, two dozen eggs, vegetable oil, supports for the tiers, cake boards, a few new spatulas, butter, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, flour, and chocolate chips— sounds like more than just cake ingredients, huh?  Well, we decided to also make some chocolate chip cookie dough bites while the cakes were baking… Yeah, I REALLY need to run more now!

Picking up supplies

Picking up supplies

You’ve never seen a more excited little girl at a grocery store!  She wanted more, but I had to draw the line somewhere.  We got home, unloaded the car, donned our, er… ahhh… I mean — her apron and started baking.  This is pretty new to me.  I can cook, but bake?  The most baking I’ve done is making brownies with Emily in our Perfect Brownie Pan.  You really cannot go wrong.  This however was pretty involved.  Emily was eager to start mixing — especially since she loves using our “mixer”.  You remember my mixer from early on in my blog, no?  Here – this is when I had the first idea to fix my problem of not having one

Mixing away!

Mixing away!  Gotta love the goofy smile 🙂

After mixing up the ingredients and putting the layers in the oven to bake, we decided we needed to do something else.  Thanks to my friends Camille and Kelly G., we had a hankering for some chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  These were super easy to make and we had just enough time too; sugar, brown sugar, butter, vanilla, half and half, flour, vanilla, and chocolate chips…. how could they not be good!

Rolling out the bites

Rolling out the bites

It's a messy job but someone had to do it!

It’s a messy job but someone had to do it!

No fingers were licked before all the bites were rolled.

No fingers were licked before all the bites were rolled.

So now the bites were chilling in the freezer and the cake layers were finishing baking. Mind you we only had two cake pans so this ended up practically being an all day event!

Such concentration...

Tier one being frosted.  Such concentration…

After letting the layers cool  and cutting off the rounded tops, it was time to start assembling them.  Emily did an OUTSTANDING job frosting these layers.

Oh yeah, the chocolate chip cookie dough bites?  Well, in between the layers baking,  the cookie dough bites firmed up and we were able to melt some chocolate chips down to dip them in.  The only problem with these bites — they didn’t really last too long and I didn’t get a picture of them.  They did however look A LOT like the ones in the picture from the recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

We were nearing the completion of this project and it was very exciting to see it all coming together.  What I thought would be a small task and a MUCH smaller cake, was turning out to be a major job and one REALLY large cake!

Tier 2 complete!

Tier 2 complete!

Emily's finished product

Emily’s finished product

Several hours later, and it is finally complete!  It was very rewarding as a parent to watch and help my little girl complete this project.  Emily did about 90% of this on her own.  After our first layer the only assistance I needed to give was to cut the supports down to size and provide comic relief for her when a couple mishaps took place during the frosting phase.  So proud of this kid.  She decided she wanted to do something and did it — start to finish.  Cake Boss folks?  Eat your hearts out! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My little “Cake Boss”

  1. She is a STAR! And the cookie bites were uncooked cookie dough?? Damn I wish I was the neighbour this past weekend!! Hope you like cake! You will be eating it for a very long time, cake freezes well, just an FYI for ya!

    • LOL… thanks! We’ve been inviting lots of family over to help take care of eating it! The cookie dough bites tasted like uncooked cookie dough, but didn’t have any eggs so they were safe 🙂

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