Ummmm…. Yeah……

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m thinking a quick little snap shot then in my next few posts highlight a few of them specifically to get caught up.

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, my training, or my diet.  Reasons being?  Some of the reasons, for training at least, are easy – I have experienced a few physical setbacks.  First, I was/am having some pains in my leg.  I started seeing Dr. Tim Keyes for them though and he has begun fixing all the damage I’ve done.  I haven’t trained at all in a while the way I used to; I used to eat better, run, do yoga, stretch, take ice baths, and lift weights.  Apparently if you stop doing all of that and just run, expecting to run the same distances and times that you used to without doing anything else – you tear up your body something fierce – go figure huh?  I think this has a direct relationship with the injury I experienced last weekend at O24 (more on this later).  As for my blog, and diet – I could make up a number of reasons, but really those reasons would just be excuses.  The only legit reason I could think of ties directly back to diet and training; low energy, which I know could be corrected with a better diet.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely lazy.  Since my last blog post I was able to cover over 160miles in the month of March, but towards the end of the month the wheels started falling off and April ended with only 72miles when it should have EASILY been 150 plus.  I haven’t run any real distances (by that I mean 50k or more) since the Art More Fatass in January.  And I don’t really think that O24 this year counts since I walked so much of it due to whatever in the hell I did to my foot.

I’ve begun putting things in place to get back on track. I’ve starting seeing Dr. Keyes to take care of the problems I’m having with my leg, I plan to get back to at least making a weekly post about running, food, and/or family (anyone following my blog is more than welcome to call me out if I start to slip, lol).  We’ve prepped the garden and will be planting in the next couple weeks,  I started using our Fresh 20 subscription again and I’m sure much to the dismay of many of my FB friends, started posting things about our dinners again – I kinda feel this holds me a little accountable – sorry friends.  I have also started devising a new training program. While I don’t have too many events I am registered for at the moment, there is a HUGE run that my friends and I are doing in October, Rim2Rim2Rim (Grand Canyon double crossing in one day); and if I don’t want to be left for dead, I need to get off my lazy ass and get things back in order.

Sorry for the repost of this video, but I couldn’t help it.  I watched it several times tonight while looking back at my blog, it just seems to really stir something in me.

The original link from the show for some reason switched to “private” and was no longer viewable…. This is the only other one I found.  Not the best recording of it – and not quite sure why it restarts at about the 1:30mark, but it is recorded in its entirety.  Love this.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner – Training Dayz

Now I need to work on some more specific posts;

  • Belated St. Paddy’s day Fatass 25k
  • Mohican Trifecta (well — the 1/2 marathon anyways)
  • Jeremy’s football
  • Emily’s birthday
  • Outrun24 (O24)
  • and our 2014 BikeMS team this year – OUTRIDE

Catchya all in a bit!





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