Do I still have any followers left?

I sure hope so!  I have been away from blogging for so very long.  I seem to have great intentions for doing so, take tons of pictures with the plan of getting posts done, but alas — when it comes down to it, I drop the ball, blogging gets put on the back burner and *POOF* nearly 6 months go by without so much as a peep from me…. so, for anyone that still has me on their follow list – thanks for sticking around 🙂

I’ve been thinking about the best way to get back at this, but it seems there is so much that I want it is almost a little overwhelming.  I am thinking that it will be in parts – gardening/yard, running, Bike MS, kids/summer.

This first part is going to be about the garden (just cuz I’m lazy and there is less to write about and I figure this will be the easiest)

We didn’t have the garden last year and I really missed it.  While I’m not entirely thrilled and do not find much joy in weeding it, I do love to plant it and watch it grow!  The waning months of the garden may not be the prettiest, but it still produces a very bountiful harvest 🙂

How it all began this year

How it all began this year

After taking care of over a year’s worth of neglect I was finally able to get this planted.  Tons of tomatoes, several different kinds of peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, broccoli, cabbage, brusselle sprouts, sugar snap peas, and squash.  Also, as a bonus all of my raspberry bushes grew phenomenally!

In no time at all it really started to take shape!

In no time at all it really started to take shape!

And then my favorite time — HARVEST TIME!!!  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many tomatoes and peppers in my entire LIFE!  I think I ate more than 50% of what I was picking before it even made its way into the house.


Amazing how well iPhone pictures come out.

1620458_797477903616879_4135330970278964325_n 10517552_797477883616881_7201284668476452411_n 10565019_794761810555155_4169183856842647794_n 10592684_797477860283550_6609655718599754906_n 10489872_790464620984874_2334862715588558018_n 10484273_790464754318194_7202656006269606271_n 10480010_797477813616888_3561071088232953806_n 10462922_790464810984855_690703036579417784_n 1907381_783291041702232_7747978754943347210_n

Perhaps one of my favorite plants in the garden was this one —

Behold - the broccoli flower

Behold – the broccoli flower

This one made me happy for several reasons.  It showed to me that my garden did very well this year — despite my “help”.  It also was a great example of how even when conditions are not ideal (I did say I wasn’t a fan of weeding, and I may have forgotten to water it from time to time) life could flourish.  And finally, perhaps I won’t need to plant as many broccoli plants next year, I’ll just need to be a little more careful preparing the garden 🙂

Other big changes have taken place this year in our yard.

I finally came through with the kids' Christmas present and pulled the trigger on the pool!

I finally came through with the kids’ Christmas present and pulled the trigger on the pool!

10474438_783440948353908_4646040543185013267_n 10520425_785655561465780_7894819908110561539_n 10484926_785655538132449_7677678304854532248_n

I ended up pulling the trigger a little late in the year, but the kids were able to enjoy it quite a bit this year.  One thing about having the pool is, it became abundantly clear how much my kids are growing up.  Shortly after it was installed they had a couple friends over to swim and have a fire.  It was a bitter-sweet evening.  My babies are growing up…….

Cannot be more proud of my kids and the people they are becoming...

Cannot be more proud of my kids and the people they are becoming…


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