Bike MS 2014 Pedal to the Point – another 170+mile ride

Looky looky!  Another week and another post??  Just a few more times and that should be all it takes to become habit forming, huh? 🙂

I really am skipping all over the place with this, but what the heck about me DO I do “normal” 😉

Bike MS

Bike MS – day 2

So this is my third year for doing BikeMS and once again it did not disappoint!  The past couple years BMO and I rode, we rode with Team Mellen.  This year enough of our friends wanted to ride we had our own team, Team OUTRIDE!!  What a great experience this was, being captain of our own team was a phenomenal experience made only possible because I had such great teammates.  I loved every bit of it — the team name was easy, building off our OUTSTANDING ultrarunning team OUTRUN and thanks to Primal Wear, even designing our custom jerseys was simple.

Our Jerseys

Our Jerseys

Our team consisted of:

  • BMO
  • my brother Denny
  • Brooke K.
  • Theresa M.
  • Doug H.
  • Kerri D.
  • Tim S.
  • Jeannette A.
  • Kevin A.
  • and myself

Notice that second one?? Yep, my brother!  Aside from having our own team, this ride was made even more special because my older brother Denny signed up with us.  He didn’t even have a bike before signing up either!

Unfortunately Doug had scheduling conflicts and Jeannette suffered an injury during a race so they had to back out.  While Brooke, BMO, and Tim have ridden hundred milers before – this would be a distance PR for my brother, Kerri, Theresa, and Kevin – and they did awesome!

Our team goal for raising funds I set at $5000.00.  We came SOOO close to hitting the mark too (on a side note — donations are still being accepted through September 30th.  wink, wink, LOL —  click here if you feel compelled to make a donation 🙂 ) Our team raised 92% of our goal ($4646.00).  I ended up raising 64% of my goal and was able to donate $640.00.

Although we couldn’t get all of our team together at one time for training rides, several of us were able to organize a couple rides together.  Nothing really serious as our rides typically have a stop midway through for a burger or something at a nice patio. And before we know it, it was time to ride!

The morning of the ride was beautiful!  We met up dark and early to get our team picture taken, and then hung out waiting to start.



Killing some time

Killing some time

Once we were off it was easy sailing.  I wanted to get a chance to ride with everyone on our team.  We all started out together but I think within the first 10miles or so we ended up splitting up into two groups.  I hung back with Theresa, Kerri, Tim and my brother for a little while and to noone’s surprise I think — helped miss a turn to add a couple more miles.  On day one you have an option to add a 25mile loop to your ride to make it 100 miles for the day.  I was thinking of hanging with them till the course split then pressing on to try and catch Brooke, BMO, and Kevin.  We approached the Kendal Clapp turn and…..  they didn’t turn!!!  They kept going to make the hundo!  I guess the adrenalin was pumping and once in the saddle the moment took over — I did say they crushed it didn’t I? 🙂

10294231_798267396871263_7202859342650184319_nAfter a few more miles I stepped it up some and pressed it pretty hard to catch up to the others.  I finally caught them at one of the rest stops and we hung together till lunch.  A terrible storm blew in and at our lunch stop they were urging everyone to not go back on the course until the storm blew over.

BMO and I have taken this picture each year so far

BMO and I have taken this picture each year so far

Once the storm passed we were on our way again.  Brooke seemed to have started a trend before we headed back out by fashioning rain gear out of a garbage bag.

LOL... just love Brooke!

LOL… just love Brooke!

We encountered a few showers, but nothing major and arrived at Sandusky Highschool a few hours later.

Day 1 --- 100 Miles Done!

Day 1 — 100 Miles Done!

Denny, Tim, Kerri, and Theresa --- 100 miles done!!

Denny, Tim, Kerri, and Theresa — 100 miles done!!

After getting cleaned up BMO and I have a ritual now of heading to the Brass Pelican and grabbing a couple little beers.

997013_798536690177667_1101196325126523646_n 10570295_798536633511006_8054370185586013754_n 10482598_798536656844337_6950379137604531253_n

After a night of proper refueling BMO, Denny and Brooke hopped the bus and headed back.  unfortunately they didn’t have time the next day to make the 70+ mile ride home with us.

Bed time!

Bed time!

After a “good night’s sleep” we were back in the saddle again.  It was awesome to hear that Theresa and Kerri decided to crank out the miles on day two as well!  It was a little wet and we got rained on a couple of times but all in all it was a beautiful day!  Much of it looked like this:

Kevin was having a little trouble with his leg locking up some, but he powered through it and crossed that finish line on day 2 like a champ!  I feel like I’m rambling on and the this writing is “all over the place” so I’ll end it with  quick Magisto video I made at the end of day one.  Click on the following link and it should open up.  Enjoy! (if it doesn’t work, please let me know, I’ll fix it)


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