O24 – 2017 Edition — Already???

Holy.  Hell.

How could it already be time for 024 again in 2017!!!???  I’ve been sitting at my computer for the past couple nights trying to figure out how the heck I am going to bring my blog current.  Finally I decided to heck with it.  I’ll start with what is fresh in my mind then slowly work on race reports and happenings as I go along.  So — that said, if you are a family member or close friend — PLEASE do not take offense in the order of my posts.  They are not in order of importance (and I have to tell you — there has been some REALLY important things going on in my life lately) I’m just going with what is fresh then filling in the blanks as I go along…  Sorry if this is a little long and wordy…. I’m a bit rusty at this —-

That being said… HOLY. HELL!!!  OUTRUN – O24 2017!!!!start



Training for O24 this year was going along pretty well — and then… BAM!  Christa took a spill on a trail run and busted open her knee.  I carried her out of the trail and to the road where we were lucky enough to flag down a park ranger.  The ranger drove her back to her car and pretty much gave her all the contents of her first aid kit.  We were only about a mile from our cars and I had Cato so Cato and I sprinted back to meet them.  End result was stitches and a bum knee – for months.  Then as she was recovering I caught some sort of stomach bug, lost 18lbs and was sick for nearly a month.  That kind of derailed our training, but we were going to make the best of it!

The morning of the race was upon us –  Christa had her goals and I had mine; A) 100 miles, B) 24hrs and if I didn’t make those —- at least a 100k.  Everything started out just fine — except for the weather, it rained maybe 90% of the time.  IMG_5600

The race started off pretty well.  I shared many of the beginning miles with Christa and our friend Mark.  Their plans were to run 100 miles — mine was well ever changing.  They were running a bit too fast for me so I decided to slow my pace to make sure I could at least continue on for the entire day – and that is when the shenanigans really ramped up….

I ran into the aid station without them, popped my head into the lodge and was immediately yelled at, “SEMICK!  Get the hell outta here!  Get moving!”  (Beth, I know it was out of love… lol)…. so back out on the trail I went.  So many people to talk with during the race and the next several people I came across all made mention of me pooping???  Finally I caught up with Christa again and our conversation went something like;

Me – “Hey!  Apparently everyone on the course thinks that I have been pooping and Facebooking or Facebooking WHILE pooping all the time during the race.”

Christa – (Near uncontrollable laughter) — well have you?”

Me “No! But thanks to you everyone thinks I have been”

One of these conversations took place while someone was running just behind us and he started laughing out loud as well.  To which I just had to reply to him, “Well?  What else are you supposed to do in there?  It’s not like there are shampoo bottles to read?!”  To which he replied, “ya know you’re right.  I may have been the only 10year old who knew how to pronounce Methylisothiazolinone!”  (That’s when I knew he got it too.)

On ward we pressed.  Another quick stop at the aid station every couple laps, getting yelled at to keep going, and sharing miles and smiles with some of my closest friends and family.  Twenty plus miles flew by, but then I started getting that stupid pain in my right hip, groin, inner-thigh, knee area again so I was stopping every few miles to stretch it out.  It got to the point where I resided to complete a 50k and call it a day.  Christa’s friends had shown up to cheer everyone on and run some miles with us.  One in particular, Lee – asked her where I was and of course the answer was “pooping I think.”  Well, Lee decided to come looking – I think she even may have checked the bathroom before I saw her looking in the lodge window at me while I was stretching – and knew I was in trouble.  She came in, we chatted, I told her what was going on, and she told me her ideas of helping – which of course originated from her wife who happens to be a great PT.  So, Tonya?  The advice that you gave to Lee and subsequently Lee gave to me – worked, thanks! ūüôā

So Lee got me out, ran with me some and I ended up doing another 19miles for an even 50 miles.  I met back up with Christa and our friend Jay who had been pacing her for many miles said he was going to head on home.  This is when I officially called my event but kept my bib.  I knew I would be pacing Christa during night – cuz she was definitely going to hit her goal of 100miles!

Chirsta continued on and I ended up pacing her every other mile.  I think it was about mile 70 or so when I found out that she was the lead woman!  This had me pretty worried.  I tried to let her know what place she was in earlier and, uh… well… lets just say she didn’t want to know, lol.  I decided to message her friends and ask for advice – “Hey, Christa only wanted to do a 100miles and call it a day.. she’s currently the lead woman.  Should I tell her and then run for cover?”  I knew the answer would be yes.  I knew I had to let her know.  So I did and as expected it was met with some yelling, cursing, some incomprehensible muttering and arm flailing.  When it was over tho — she now had a new goal.  To win.  I continued to pace – jokes and insults continued to fly (mostly at my expense) and when the smoke cleared?  I finished 73 miles and Christa crushed 110miles in under 24hrs for a 1st woman and 3rd place overall finish!  She seriously amazes me in every way!

So many of my friends did amazing things – as usual!  My brother Denny, who’s furthest run before this was 22miles knocked out 50 miles!  Michele who’s been out being sick and with an injury managed to bust out a 100k!  Dave finished 100miles and also took the “crazy legs” award.  This is a rolling 5yr award for the most miles in 5 years — Dave completed 526miles!  My buddy Bob, who just started running and wanted to complete his first half marathon just a year ago busted out 77miles!  Mark who “needed” a new O24 buckle because his wasn’t as shiny anymore completed 100miles.  And Troy who set the record last year at 129miles, crushed it by completing 137miles!!  I know I’m leaving out a ton of friends and I apologize — there are just too many to list.  Click here for the entire finishers report and a link to all the race statistics.  They are pretty damn impressive!     Huge thanks to everyone that makes this event what it is – First Class.  Well done folks!!

Now… lets see if I can get some momentum going and get this thing up to date!

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OUTRUN 24 version 2014


The third running of O24 took place on April 26th and once again Рit. was. amazing.  The turnout this year exceeded what we expected.  The inaugural running of O24 in 2012 had 66 runners toe the line, 2013 there were 85, and in 2014?  ONE HUNDRED FIFTY FOUR!  Love how this race is drawing so many new folks into the world of ultra running.

This ultra trail race is probably one of the most runner friendly, walker friendly, family friendly events there are.¬† For those that haven’t read my posts before about O24 and have never heard of it; a brief description.

A race for beginners and ultra veterans alike, the unique Outrun 24 Hour Trail Race is held in the Lake Metroparks Chapin Forest Reservation in Kirtland, OH approx. 30 mins East of Cleveland. With its distinctive rock formations and mature woodland trails, the park provides a scenic setting for the endurance run. Runners will follow a 1.00244mi USATF certified loop and may run any distance or time up to 24 hours. If you are looking for a great atmosphere to come out and test yourself, come and check it out! Course:  The USATF certified (# OH11035MW) and IAU Bronze Labeled course is a 1.002445 mi loop on trails that consists primarily (93%) of crushed limestone, dirt, and a short bit (7%) of asphalt. The loop is rolling with one main hill. There is approximately 65 feet of elevation gain & loss per lap. Please see additional tabs for course photos, video, directions, and other information.

Zack Johnson, the RD for this race and the head of OUTRUN, ¬†puts an amazing personal touch on this event.¬† From before the event starts with email blasts to all registrants, to a prerace video –


To running laps along side participants –

zack running

To finally making sure he personally hands each finisher their well deserved medal and takes a photo with them, no matter what time of day, or night, or well… even the next day.¬† I mean, after all, the race does start at 8am on Saturday and doesn’t end till 8am on Sunday.








My goal for this race when I registered was 100 miles.  My plan is to run at least one, 100 mile race each year.  Two years ago it was BR100.  Last year it was supposed to be NYM100 Рbut you know how that turned out.. So, after Yo Momma kicked my ass again, I decided that O24 is the perfect place to knock out 100 miles and ensure I get at least one in and then tackle YM again with a hundo under my belt for the year already.

That quickly changed when my training wasn’t going as planned.¬† I really hate talking about things that¬†ail me because I don’t want to be labeled “that guy who makes up excuses”, or be “that guy who always has something wrong”, but I couldn’t ignore this much longer.¬† I finally sucked it up, went to get checked out, and get myself back on track.¬† I have to admit that it was quite relaxing to go into this race with no goal at all – talk about no pressure!¬† I charged up my GoPro camera and after my race committee responsibilities were completed I made sure to get some footage.¬† Here is a glimpse at the start of the race.

Here a few other pics from the race —

No that isn't a real tattoo but an arm sleeve.  I do have three tattoos and actually never wanted a full sleeve.  Hmmmm. until after seeing this picture - now I want one! LOL

No that isn’t a real tattoo but an arm sleeve. I do have three tattoos and actually never wanted a full sleeve. Hmmmm. until after seeing this picture – now I want one! LOL

Peg getting her leg rubbed out...

Peg getting her leg rubbed out…

Cheering on all day and night!

Cheering on all day and night!

Over the last few months, quite a bit of my training has taken place on the road or even worse the dreadmill, so I bought a pair of Hokas¬†to help ease the pain.¬† I LOVE the Bondis¬†I bought but unfortuantley¬†they didn’t last very long.¬† I blew both shoes out and took them back with just over 100 miles on them.¬† They didn’t have the new version of the Bondi’s¬†in¬†(apparently improved because many people were having the same issue) so I took home a pair of Hoka Rapa¬†Nui’s — big mistake.¬† I started out the race in my regular Saucony¬†Exodus shoes and was feeling pretty well.¬† Around mile 18 or so I decided to change out of those and put on my new Hokas.¬† I only wore the shoes walking around a little bit to try and¬†get a feel for them and after only a few miles I started to get a pain in my left foot which progressively got worse; to the point where I was only able to limp around the course now.¬† I know I didn’t have a “goal” for the race but I had to at least finish a 50k!¬† So I walked the last 8-10 miles and finished with a new PWR¬†(personal worst record) of 9hrs¬†58min! YIKES!¬† Click here for my Runkeeper data for this run.¬† Took those Rapa¬†Nui’s back the next day and ordered the new Bondi.

So what do you do after you complete a 50k in 9hrs¬†at a 24hr race?¬† You hang out, cheer on your friends and have a good time.¬† Also, while your friends are out there trudging along, you get to do this —


Hey —- I wasn’t the only one!


Click here for a full list of 2014 race results.  There was a new record set this year. Jim Van Orman cleared 120 miles!  Every time I saw Jim he would smile and wave.  He made it look so easy!

Huge Congrats Jim!!

Huge Congrats Jim!!

Amanda Mowry completed the most miles for the women.  Covering 84 miles

Amanda Mowry completed the most miles for the women. Covering 84 miles – Way to go Amanda!!!

Once again there were so many amazing people who came out and pushed themselves to their limits.  There were those that were running the race to raise money for charities, those that were walking the entire way to a distance PR, to the Grandmother, Mother, daughter trio that rocked it!  I could go on and on but rather than taking just my perspective of it, here are a several other blog posts about it.  Enjoy!

HOLY CRAP!!!¬† I almost forgot!¬† As was the case last year, this year Chef Bill catered an OUTSTANDING breakfast for everyone again on Sunday morning after the race.¬† Check him out here at Playing with Knives and Fire.¬† Have an event you want catered, a party with some friends that you want a rockin’ meal for, or a date with that special someone — he’s your man.¬† Look him up.¬† Plus, he’s a fellow ultra runner – as the other half of Bills’ Badass 50k.

Breaking the Pace

Through a Running Lens


Kim’s Low Down on the Runs


Outrun 24 Hour Endurance Run – 1 Mile loop / 24hrs / Hellafun!

End of April also brought about the 2nd running of O24. O24 (OUTRUN 24) is a 24 hour endurance run put on by our running group, OUTRUN. I ran this last year to complete my first 100k and this year I had the honor to be on the race committee. I’m really enjoying being involved with the “behind the scenes” part of races.

"Harvesting" a new leg while setting up in the morning :)

“Harvesting” a new leg while setting up in the morning ūüôā

O24 is one of Zack’s (head of OUTRUN) brilliant ideas. It is a one mile loop that runs through Chapin Forest. You get 24hrs to complete whatever distance you can with medals going to the 50k and 100k finishers and a buckles for the 100 miler finishers. The inaugural running of this races was incredible, there was something like 60 participants, this year there were nearly 90! According to Zack, there were 85 runners who ran a total of 4,973 miles with 59 being the average distance. Seven runners hit the 100 mile marker or more, 42 ran between 100k and 99miles. Thirty-five runners ran between 50k and 100k and the ages ranged from 17 to 77 with 43yrs old being the average. Pretty DAMN impressive stats!

This is the Start / Finish / AND the one mile to go mark :)

This is the Start / Finish / AND the one mile to go mark ūüôā

O24's "Tent City" for those that camped out for the weekend.

O24’s “Tent City” for those that camped out for the weekend.

My goal for this races originally was to complete 100 miles in 24hrs. That 29 seconds from BR is still haunting me. I did 100 in under 24hrs, but according to the record books – I was off by 29sec. (BR100 is actually 100.9 miles / my time was 24hrs 29 seconds). Michele was also planning on covering 100 miles here so we figured on running it together. I pulled my data from BR and thought that if we ran the first 20 miles at roughly a 10/11 min average pace, we could run the last 80 miles at a 15/16min average pace. My thinking was, it worked for BR and that course was much more difficult. Should be practically a walk in the park here. One problem tho…. I did not train for this run. My 100 mile training had basically just started and was geared toward running another 100mile race at the end of July. Whoops.

In any case, I ran this race and had an absolute BLAST! The only discomfort I felt was somewhere around the 40 mile mark. When running ultras, fueling is very important so you kind of train yourself to eat at each aid station. Problem here then? The aid station was at every mile! I ate WAY too much! That, added to the sun coming out (for the first time in what seemed like forever) kinda killed me. I ended up taking a 20min break and got out of the sun. After my break I was good to go again.

Eating every mile ---- WRONG

Eating every mile —- WRONG

The first 20 miles went according to plan. Covered the first 50k (31 miles) in just under 6 hour and then it went kind of downhill from there. I’m trying not to get into all the details of this run because I’m sure you could only hear so many times that I was running, laughing, walking, smiling, jogging, goofing around, eating, smiling, running…… etc., etc., etc. ūüôā I was quite fine with it though. The only real race that I have on my schedule that I NEED to finish is Not Yo Mommas 100 Miler at the end of September.

Running, Smiling

Ben, Michele, Crystal and I – Running and smiling…..

Michele and I - jogging, laughing, goofing :)

Michele and I – jogging, laughing, goofing ūüôā

Did I mention having a good time?

Did I mention having a good time?

The thing I’ve realized about running over the past year or so, is that I love the people aspect of it most of all. I love to hear people’s stories as to why they run, what challenges they have over come and what achievements they’ve made. I’ve met so many amazing people who, thru running, have pushed themselves way beyond they’ve ever thought they could go, have overcome many obstacles, and have made many positive changes in their lives. Walking, jogging, running with them, and talking to them is one of my favorite parts about running races.

Chris dedicated a marathon to each one of the murder victims from Boston

Chris dedicated a marathon to each one of those killed in Boston

Changed placards with each marathon he ran today

Changed placards with each marathon he ran today

Zach M -- wore these bunny slippers for the first 20 or so miles.  Also wore them at Bills Bad Ass 50k.... You get the idea that ultra trail runners are a colorful bunch :)

Zach M — wore these bunny slippers for the first 10-15 miles (I think). Also wore them at Bills Bad Ass 50k…. You get the idea that ultra trail runners are a colorful bunch ūüôā

So as the day went on and more and more runners were pushing themselves past where they thought their breaking point would be and exceeded their original goals. Those that were already done stuck around to cheer them on. Runners are a pretty tight group of friends, trail runners – even closer. But ultra trail runners are as close to family as you can get without sharing the same parents!

Rockstar "family" hanging out in support

Rockstar “family” hanging out in support

Finally the top male and female finishers. I would say winners, but “winners” in this sense would not be appropriate. Everyone had different goals in mind — making everyone that toed the line a winner.

Will from Tennessee --- 1st place, 115 miles!

Will from Tennessee — 1st place, 115 miles!

Crystal --- 2nd place overall and 1st place female -- 106miles.  I was happy to be in front of her for a few loops.  Any time we've run together, I see her at the start and maybe for a mile from there... then ZOOM  I'll see her at the finish!

Crystal — 2nd place overall and 1st place female — 106miles. I was happy to run with her and teased some about being in front of her for a few loops. Any time we’ve run together, I see her at the start and maybe for a mile from there… then ZOOM I’ll see her at the finish!

Wow… this was much longer than I intended. I could have gone on and on but I practiced some restraint. Here is my data from this “race”. There are two files, the first is about the first 50 miles and then the second is the last 25 There are some HUGE things coming up that I am crazy excited about. Still yet to come this year;

  • June – I bowed out of running BR100 this year and I decided not to run the 3 day Blue Blazes Ultra. In place of those, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to pace one of my amazing friends Kevin at Western States 100 in California next month!
  • July – So the kids and I are going to help out at an aid station for BR in July.
  • August – brings the 170mile Bike MS, which I’m haven’t even STARTED fundraising for yet.
  • September is Run Woodstock 50k AND Not Yo Mommas 100 Miler.
  • October is the Columbus 1/2 Marathon that a ton of us are going to. Many of whom are running the full, several the half, and I’m planning on the half with Jeremy and Emily. The following week is Run with Scissors Double Marathon, and finally
  • November is Bills Badass 50k, which I am hoping to mentor Jeremy.

I’m pretty sure there will be more sprinkled in there but that’s my plan so far. I’ll have to give some updates on dinners, cooking, and our garden really soon, too!

What do you have coming up?