Yes… I’m still here.. and guess what — Yo Momma Kicked my A$$ again….

**** warning —-  long read *****

Hey remember me? Talk about being a broken record…

I have been away from blogging for so long that I forgot my login ID, my password and almost how to start a new post.  I’ve been wanting to revive my blog for some time now, but life being what it is – I just really hadn’t had the time.  I know, sounds like the same old excuse – but seriously, any active, single parent with active kids would agree!  LOL

There has been TONS going on as usual – I want to blog about everything and I kind of feel bad about making this first blog post back about this race, but I would really like to finish it while details are fresh in my mind and I give a long over due thanks and recognition to those that gave up their time – and viewing of an OSU football game to come support me.

So as you could tell from the title; I.  Freaking.  Failed… Again.  I don’t know what exactly it is about Not Yo Mommas; the ruggedness of the course, the newness of the race, or the fact that it is the only one I’ve ever DNF’d, but I think what really keeps me coming back is the fact that it is the only one I’ve DNF’d.  To admit I can’t do something is a tough pill to swallow.

In my two previous attempts my DNF’s could honestly  be chaulked up to a lack of training.  This one?  I trained, well – unfortunately took the training much more seriously towards the end which I think lead to me dealing with plantar fasciitis.

I logged literally hundreds of miles with my dog Cato and my ABSOLUTELY AMAZING friends and family.



Cato during his first 24mile run! 🙂

davedanagroup des and group jason and group beth wildbillgang cato catonight cato2

Jeremy and Emily helping me train at home

Jeremy and Emily helping me train at home

For the first time EVER I did hill repeats — and enjoyed them??

11225399_980848898613111_8788993191222355149_n HR1 HR2

I am dang proud of the path I carved out in this hill with all the repeats I've done! :)

I am dang proud of the path I carved out in this hill with all the repeats I’ve done! 🙂


And at the urging of, well… all of my friends – experimented with my nutrition to get off GU’s.

Thanks Pam!

Thanks Pam!


However – Tailwind and Lara bars ended up being the nutrition of choice

So, leading up to race day… for ONCE I thought I was prepared for this – before the PF set in, but I thought I could deal with it for this race, then take a break and give it a chance to fully heal up.

Finally – on to the race.

I’m not going to go into all the details of the course because I’ve done it several times before.  You can check them out along with the details of my other attempts here.

My first attempt

My second attempt

Last year’s 50k

My friends were there to fully support me for this attempt and I think for the first time also thought that I trained well enough for it.  My buddy Dave committed to pace me for the last 50k or the race, My girlfriend, Ginger (YEP! You read that right.  Much more about her/us later 😊) flew in from Illinois and along with Mike, Beth, and Michele were there to crew me.  This was such a humbling experience.  I never had a crew before.  After coming in from my first loop (NYM course is a 4mile loop followed by 6 loops of a 16mile section), I smiled, waved and ran right passed them and started to fill up my water bottle and get some food.  It honestly never occurred to me to stop so they can do it and while I sit and rest for the moment. Heck – Dave and Beth even took off my shoes, changed my nasty socks, and put my shoes back on me!

Me and my badass pacer Dave at O24

Dave and I at O24

My crew - Dave, Mike, Michele, Beth and Ginger

Dave, Mike, Michele, Beth and Ginger

Coming back to the end of my second full loop (approx 36 miles) I still felt amazing – shortly thereafter tho, the wheels fell off.  It started getting dark, my PF started hurting much more, and I subsequently started slowing down.  I took 3 Aleve in a 3 hour time span but it didn’t help.  I got to aid station 3 and pulled the plug – again.  Such a hard decision to have to make again and even though I still feel like I let them all down – my friends being who they are, were all very supportive in my decision. I cannot thank you all enough for being there for me.  The plus side of me dropping?  My friend Eddie who was running NYM for the first time this year needed a pacer and Dave was more than happy to fill the bill.  Eddie was now in great hands for his last 50k of the race and Dave helped him finish in grand fashion – winning NYM100M with a time of just over 28hrs. WAY TO GO EDDIE!!!

To everyone that helps to make NYM what it is – thank you all so much for doing such a great job.  Love this race – really I do.  Rob/Angie.  I may have said I wasn’t going to do this anymore, but I’ll be back.  I plan to run a couple 100’s in 2016 to regain my confidence in my ability to do so and then – tackle Yo Momma again!

Click here for my Runkeeper data of the 48.66 miles that I did complete.  Also, I display my trophy with pride.  How could you not love race directors who know you well enough that after you regain your composure come up to you and present you with this baby 🙂

My favorite race bling so far

My favorite race bling so far

As for some posts to come —–

  • Jeremy and Emily are growing like WEEDS; basketball, volleyball, highschool???
  • My oldest daughter, Leah, is getting married to her long time boyfriend Devon and they’ve made me a Grandpa!
  • Running adventures continue
  • Mountain bike adventures are taking beginning to get more real


  • Cooking is starting to get interesting again!

And the 2015 season is underway!!!

So in my typical fashion, it seems that I would start a post out with something along the lines of, “holy smokes!  I am behind!” or something like that — so, I’m going to skip that cuz you are already expecting it.  (See what I did there?)

After the Grand Canyon last year, 2015 wasn’t supposed to be a very big year.  I mean, yeah – Yo Momma’s is a given that I was going to do, cuz I have to kick that bitches ass!  But, it’s the kids’ turn to take a vacation.  Not quite sure where we are going to go, but we’ll have fun!

However, the way this year seems to be shaping up, it is going to be one of my highest mileage ones yet!  So far this year my schedule looks like this;

  • January — I already ran a Art Moore Fatass 50k.  Actually, my second fastest ever with a time of 5hrs47min!! (more on this one shortly)
  • February —Winter Run for Regis 50k
  • March —  Pilot Mountain Marathon — North Carolina, St. Patrick’s Day Fatass 25/50k
  • April —  Mohican Forget the PR 50k
  • May — O24, and Maybe 50’s for Yo Momma?  Plus I’m planning on going to cheer someone on in their first 70.3 tri
  • June — Aside from my Leah having A BABY!!!!  Looks like we are doing an Ultra Ragnar Relay in the Appalachians
  • July —
  • August — BikeMS
  • September — Woodstock 5k, Woodstock 50k, Woodstock 5k, Not Yo Mommas 100 Miler
  • October — Javelina 100 Miler — Arizona
  • November — Bills’ Badass 50k
  • December —

The months I have nothing to do should still be pretty big.  Planning on training for Not Yo Mommas hard this year.  Then December?  Maybe that could be a rest month 🙂

So.  I ran the Art Moore Fatass 50k again last weekend.  I’m not going to go into how this Fatass started, I did that in an earlier blog post since I’ve run this before — click here if you would like to know more)

The weather was a little warmer than it was last year but this year instead of cold and snow, it was chilly and rainy.  I ran the first 14 miles of it with my buddy Eddie, who by the way is a much stronger runner than I am — who I probably owe a bit of my finish time to him.  I don’t race at all, especially a fatass, but I have to admit it was kind of cool to finish this one in my second fastest time and in 5th place!


No matter how many times I run past this sign, it always cracks me up (and scares me a little)

No matter how many times I run past this sign, it always cracks me up (and scares me a little)




10686882_880877421943593_1270064549169009541_nI was very happy with this run!  I’ve been having a difficult time on long runs lately and I know my problem stems from not taking in enough calories.  I’ve experimented with Perpetuem this time and while during a 50k I would normally take in about 700-900 calories (6 GUs + food at an aid station), this time I took in nearly 2000calories!  I felt great — my legs were a bit tired from being under trained, but that is something I know how to fix!  Click here for my data from this run.

I really am going to try and keep my blog updated better.  I was supposed to be entering our runner profiles for Team OUTRUN but the website is being revamped.  I’ll post a link to it soon.  Also have so much more to blog about already this year!

Stay tuned, there are some REALLY exciting things happening!

Not Yo Momma — finally kicked a little bit of her A$$!

Elevation Chart of the 50k

Elevation Chart of the 50k

Again, I know I’m jumping around but since this run is so fresh in my mind, I figured I could knock this race report out pretty quickly.

This.  Was Not Yo Mommas 2014 – and while I didn’t run the 100 this year because of another run I’ve got planned next week, I did manage to kick a little bit of her ass and complete the 50k!  If you look at the elevation chart the inclines go like this; the first major one is Sugarloaf Mountain, then a small up and down before climbing Mount Ives, down Mount Ives to Sand Hill that plataues off before going down hill again.  Then up dreaded Bald Hill.  While people bitch and moan about Sugarloaf?  I F’N hate Bald Hill!  It may not be as steep, but I’m 99% positive it is taller and I KNOW it is a longer incline.

This is my nemesis course.  I’ve DNF’d her twice; the first around mile 4x in my 100mile attempt the inaugural year of the race (here’s my race report from then) and then the next year around mile 5x (here is year two’s data).  I signed up for the 100 miler this year as soon as I was able to and was planning on knocking this one out of the park!  Yeah — the actions behind that thought didn’t happen as planned though, PLUS my friends and I ended up scheduling another HUGE run 10 days later (more on that in another post tho).

Also this year, rather than getting a hotel we decided to sleep in my car —- or as my friends like to call it my minivan, even tho it is technically a “cross over vehicle”, LOL.  It was honestly much more enjoyable to camp out in the park.  My seats all fold flat so sleeping was not an issue, having a campsite and cooking out/throwing back several beers the night before the race wins anytime over dinner out, and heading to a hotel in which you have to wake up extra early to pack and check out before the race begins.

Our campsite

Our campsite

Ahhhh dinner :)

Ahhhh dinner 🙂

After a nice dinner of chicken sausages, potatoe salad, and several Sam Adams Octoberfests – race morning was upon us.  I actually felt really good going into this race and got to meet some great folks standing at the starting line. The bugle sounded and we were off!  It was really nice knowing exactly what to expect with this course.  I mean, afterall – I’ve seen it two years in a row.  I kept thinking slow and steady, slow and steady.  I was feeling great the entire first loop.  And then I encountered my first problem. ….

When I run ultras I typically consume a GU and one or two S-Caps (depending on how much I’m sweating) an hour.  Problem?  I forgot to go get GUs and only had 3 on me for the entire race.  Sure the course had Hammer Gels, but I was afraid to take them for fear of upsetting my stomach and causing more problems.  so I ate potato chips, coke, and trail mix at every aid station, but I think the mental aspect of not “doing what I normally do” played with me some.  Coming around the backside of the loop, I finally ran into my friend Dawn.  I was so excited to see her!  She signed up for the 100k at this race and while this may sound evil, it was so nice having another friend out there on the course grinding out the miles and climbing these mountains!  I finished the first 16mile loop in just around 3hrs 30min.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t take too many photos during the run this time.  But here’s a couple I managed to snap off.

IMG_3948 IMG_3954

Sugarloaf is only this big.. how hard could it be?

Sugarloaf is only this big.. how hard could it be?


On to loop two.  Up Sugarloaf Mountain and down the other side.  I felt really well on the switch backs on the back side and then problem number two occurred.  It was heating up and for the first time EVER I got a calf cramp.  To make it worse, my calf cramped up as I was gingerly trying to navigate my way down a steep, rocky downhill.  It must’ve cramped up just as I was stepping on my left or just after but BAM!  down I went.  I slid down the hill (aka mountain) for only about 10-15ft but ended up laying there for several minutes writhing in pain trying to rub out the cramp.  Finally it released and I got back up again.  The next couple miles went by pretty slowly while I was still recovering.  I think my problem now became more of a mental game.  Thoughts kept running through my head, “was the lack of GUs and S-caps the reason for the calf cramp?  Am I taking in enough at the aid stations?  Why is there always SOMETHING with this race!?  Damn do my feet hurt!”  I walked quite a bit of the second lap and was sooo glad to hit the road section – walk up the hill towards the half mile marker to the start finish and run through the finish line!  My second loop took me nearly 5hrs!  My finish time?  8Hrs20min flat.  Or as I like to say — 3rd in my age group (nevermind the fact that there were only 4 of us!).  Click here for my data of this run.


There is something to be said about an RD who stays awake at the start finish all day/night to personally hand out finisher medals to everyone


A small token for my efforts... next year it'll be a buckle!

A small token for my efforts… next year it’ll be a buckle!

Here are some other stats from this race —

  • Distance 25K – 47 of 52 people finished, times ranged from 2hrs30min to 10hrs20min
  • Distance 50K – 23 of 33 people finished, times ranged from 5hrs23min to 11hrs49min
  • Distance 75K – 6 of 8 people finished, times ranged from 10hrs16min to 17hrs18min
  • Distance 100K – 6 of 13 people finished, times ranged from 16hrs30min to 25hrs11min (BTW – my friend Dawn?  FIRST place women’s finish!  So proud of her!!)
  • Distance 100m – 10 of 28 people finished, times ranged from 19hrs38min to 31hrs59min.

I’ve said it many times. This is a course I love to hate and will continue running it till I complete the 100mile that I’ve DNF’d.  Looks like I’ll have to wait till 2015.

Rob and his wife Angie

Rob and his wife Angie

Thank you again Rob and Angie for such an amazing event!  Everything for this race was perfect!  You guys rock!

Well, that’s about it for now.  I’ll work on my blog posts when we get back from our next adventure.  I also need to work on my race team’s blog site (click here to visit it) and add runner bios along with links to race reports that others are doing.  What’s our next adventure you ask?  My friends and I are running R2R2R – a double crossing of the Grand Canyon in one day!  I’m so crazy excited about this trip.  Here is a sneak peak of the trails.  We are starting at the South Rim and running down South Kaibab across the Colorado River.  Then up/down North Kaibab and across the Colorado River and up Bright Angel.  Here are some of my favorite videos others have taken of these trails.  My next blog post will be my personal videos!

South Kaibab

North Kaibab

Bright Angel

I think one of my next posts is going to have to be a “bucket list” post.  I’m starting to tick off so many of them!!




Outrun 24 Hour Endurance Run – 1 Mile loop / 24hrs / Hellafun!

End of April also brought about the 2nd running of O24. O24 (OUTRUN 24) is a 24 hour endurance run put on by our running group, OUTRUN. I ran this last year to complete my first 100k and this year I had the honor to be on the race committee. I’m really enjoying being involved with the “behind the scenes” part of races.

"Harvesting" a new leg while setting up in the morning :)

“Harvesting” a new leg while setting up in the morning 🙂

O24 is one of Zack’s (head of OUTRUN) brilliant ideas. It is a one mile loop that runs through Chapin Forest. You get 24hrs to complete whatever distance you can with medals going to the 50k and 100k finishers and a buckles for the 100 miler finishers. The inaugural running of this races was incredible, there was something like 60 participants, this year there were nearly 90! According to Zack, there were 85 runners who ran a total of 4,973 miles with 59 being the average distance. Seven runners hit the 100 mile marker or more, 42 ran between 100k and 99miles. Thirty-five runners ran between 50k and 100k and the ages ranged from 17 to 77 with 43yrs old being the average. Pretty DAMN impressive stats!

This is the Start / Finish / AND the one mile to go mark :)

This is the Start / Finish / AND the one mile to go mark 🙂

O24's "Tent City" for those that camped out for the weekend.

O24’s “Tent City” for those that camped out for the weekend.

My goal for this races originally was to complete 100 miles in 24hrs. That 29 seconds from BR is still haunting me. I did 100 in under 24hrs, but according to the record books – I was off by 29sec. (BR100 is actually 100.9 miles / my time was 24hrs 29 seconds). Michele was also planning on covering 100 miles here so we figured on running it together. I pulled my data from BR and thought that if we ran the first 20 miles at roughly a 10/11 min average pace, we could run the last 80 miles at a 15/16min average pace. My thinking was, it worked for BR and that course was much more difficult. Should be practically a walk in the park here. One problem tho…. I did not train for this run. My 100 mile training had basically just started and was geared toward running another 100mile race at the end of July. Whoops.

In any case, I ran this race and had an absolute BLAST! The only discomfort I felt was somewhere around the 40 mile mark. When running ultras, fueling is very important so you kind of train yourself to eat at each aid station. Problem here then? The aid station was at every mile! I ate WAY too much! That, added to the sun coming out (for the first time in what seemed like forever) kinda killed me. I ended up taking a 20min break and got out of the sun. After my break I was good to go again.

Eating every mile ---- WRONG

Eating every mile —- WRONG

The first 20 miles went according to plan. Covered the first 50k (31 miles) in just under 6 hour and then it went kind of downhill from there. I’m trying not to get into all the details of this run because I’m sure you could only hear so many times that I was running, laughing, walking, smiling, jogging, goofing around, eating, smiling, running…… etc., etc., etc. 🙂 I was quite fine with it though. The only real race that I have on my schedule that I NEED to finish is Not Yo Mommas 100 Miler at the end of September.

Running, Smiling

Ben, Michele, Crystal and I – Running and smiling…..

Michele and I - jogging, laughing, goofing :)

Michele and I – jogging, laughing, goofing 🙂

Did I mention having a good time?

Did I mention having a good time?

The thing I’ve realized about running over the past year or so, is that I love the people aspect of it most of all. I love to hear people’s stories as to why they run, what challenges they have over come and what achievements they’ve made. I’ve met so many amazing people who, thru running, have pushed themselves way beyond they’ve ever thought they could go, have overcome many obstacles, and have made many positive changes in their lives. Walking, jogging, running with them, and talking to them is one of my favorite parts about running races.

Chris dedicated a marathon to each one of the murder victims from Boston

Chris dedicated a marathon to each one of those killed in Boston

Changed placards with each marathon he ran today

Changed placards with each marathon he ran today

Zach M -- wore these bunny slippers for the first 20 or so miles.  Also wore them at Bills Bad Ass 50k.... You get the idea that ultra trail runners are a colorful bunch :)

Zach M — wore these bunny slippers for the first 10-15 miles (I think). Also wore them at Bills Bad Ass 50k…. You get the idea that ultra trail runners are a colorful bunch 🙂

So as the day went on and more and more runners were pushing themselves past where they thought their breaking point would be and exceeded their original goals. Those that were already done stuck around to cheer them on. Runners are a pretty tight group of friends, trail runners – even closer. But ultra trail runners are as close to family as you can get without sharing the same parents!

Rockstar "family" hanging out in support

Rockstar “family” hanging out in support

Finally the top male and female finishers. I would say winners, but “winners” in this sense would not be appropriate. Everyone had different goals in mind — making everyone that toed the line a winner.

Will from Tennessee --- 1st place, 115 miles!

Will from Tennessee — 1st place, 115 miles!

Crystal --- 2nd place overall and 1st place female -- 106miles.  I was happy to be in front of her for a few loops.  Any time we've run together, I see her at the start and maybe for a mile from there... then ZOOM  I'll see her at the finish!

Crystal — 2nd place overall and 1st place female — 106miles. I was happy to run with her and teased some about being in front of her for a few loops. Any time we’ve run together, I see her at the start and maybe for a mile from there… then ZOOM I’ll see her at the finish!

Wow… this was much longer than I intended. I could have gone on and on but I practiced some restraint. Here is my data from this “race”. There are two files, the first is about the first 50 miles and then the second is the last 25 There are some HUGE things coming up that I am crazy excited about. Still yet to come this year;

  • June – I bowed out of running BR100 this year and I decided not to run the 3 day Blue Blazes Ultra. In place of those, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to pace one of my amazing friends Kevin at Western States 100 in California next month!
  • July – So the kids and I are going to help out at an aid station for BR in July.
  • August – brings the 170mile Bike MS, which I’m haven’t even STARTED fundraising for yet.
  • September is Run Woodstock 50k AND Not Yo Mommas 100 Miler.
  • October is the Columbus 1/2 Marathon that a ton of us are going to. Many of whom are running the full, several the half, and I’m planning on the half with Jeremy and Emily. The following week is Run with Scissors Double Marathon, and finally
  • November is Bills Badass 50k, which I am hoping to mentor Jeremy.

I’m pretty sure there will be more sprinkled in there but that’s my plan so far. I’ll have to give some updates on dinners, cooking, and our garden really soon, too!

What do you have coming up?

Yo Momma kicked my a**!!

Just as the title says — Yo Momma kicked my A**.. all over Chillicothe Ohio!

Well…  I had my second 100mile race this past weekend and this race was the most difficult one that I have run so far.  I was running this race w/o a crew, w/o any pacers and was honestly expecting to crush it in under 24hrs.  What happened then?  Unexpected breathing problem, mind games and hills…..

I was looking forward to this race for quite some time.  Running it in my head over and over again, just like  did for BR…. then I really looked at the map.  The entire time I thought this race was at CVNP.  The course appeared to be two lollipop loops which I thought was at CVNP.  Turns out it wasn’t – not even close.  Rather then being held in our beloved CVNP, the race was in Chillicothe Ohio!  Shit!  Where the hell is that?!?   I looked it  up on-line and found it to be 3.5 hours away!  OK – time to rethink my plan…

I could not drive down the day before the race to pick up my packet, come home and drive down race day morning.  With the race being on Saturday and me planning on finishing Sunday morning, then trying to get to my kids football games Sunday afternoon – I decided that it would be best if I drove down the night before, slept  in my car, run 100miles in 24hrs, nap in my car for a few minutes (oh hours), then drive 3.5hrs back home in order to catch my kids football games Sunday afternoon.  This thought was starting to weigh heavily on me so I decided that I needed to find someone to go down with me — if for nothing else to drive my stinky ass home.  After numerous posts on FB, practically begging for someone to join me for a “fabulous weekend getaway in beautiful Chillicothe Ohio” I got no takers.  Then about two weeks before the race a good friend of mine Kelly M. messaged me, “Hey Mike – if you don’t find someone to go to Chillicothe with you, let me know.  I’d go”  NICE!  One less worry on my mind.

Now I had to find out more about the course.  Rob Carroll, the race director, described it in the flier like this;

“While the course offers plenty of technical & hilly challenges, we intended to eliminate the sever heat and humidity of summer ultras as an obstacle to completing your first 100-miler.  A 25K loop/out-n-back hybrid, the race course is short enough to ease the minds of first timers and diverse (and tough) enough to more than satisfy veterans!”

I thought, after BR, this was going to be cake!  that is until another friend of mine,  Steve P., posted on the BR Facebook page about running this race and it’s elevation about it being over 17,000ft!!  I did some checking and he was right…  Strange location, new course, crazy elevation.. yikes.  Now I was a bit worried.

No.. that couldn’t be…

Yep.. it was! Yo Momma has some biggins!

We arrived at start/finish in time for a quick pic before the pre-race meeting.

Remember Peg?? No?? (click here) She was ready!

Steve and I had the same plan and while standing at start/finish we ended up right next to each other.  He was running alone as well, so we decided to run together.  We ran with a small group for the first 5 miles or so and one of the guys was talking about a night run he did on the course a couple of days earlier and how a pack of about 15 coyotes trailed him for about a mile.  That I DID.NOT.NEED to hear!  I’m cool with running alone at night but throw the coyotes into the equation and they creep me out!  I’ve mentioned before how I’ve encountered them and how they’ve shadowed friends in the trails.  Usually 1-3 of them, but 15??  One more thing for me to stress about later this evening.  Steve and I covered the first 2x.x miles together, came through the chute and found out I was in 4th place and feeling strong!

Coming in at mile 3x.x

hmmmm… deciding what to eat. One of the best parts of running ultras..

Beautiful course… wish I could have soaked it in some more.

The next 16 miles seemed to fly by.  Coming thru the chute this time I dropped to 6th place.  While not feeling as strong,  I was still feeling pretty damn good!  That was short-lived…  Steve’s pace was difficult to keep up with and shortly thereafter, the pace and hills started taking their toll.

Almost halfway up…

Nearing the top — or so we thought… Not nice Rob!!! lol

Negative thoughts started creeping in so I told Steve to run on, that I was going to listen to some music and shake it off.  About 8 miles later, the music did the trick and I was feeling better about running.  A much larger problem had arisen tho.  I started having trouble breathing.  Almost like an asthma attack.  this has happened one time before while running O24, a 24hr endurance run I did last year (I’m on the race committee for it this year – click here to check it out, sign up and join us!) only this time it was much worse.  I was coughing and wheezing like crazy!   As I approached the next aid station, a kid ran out to see what I needed.  Telling him I needed a ride was so difficult to do.  I grabbed some water, walked away from the aid station and plopped down on the ground, defeated.  I never imagined that dropping out of a race would feel this way.  Struggling to keep my emotions in check, I sent Kelly a text telling her that I couldn’t make it back.  She responded saying that someone was on their way to pick me up.  Several minutes later someone came over to check on me.  After regaining my composure I thanked all of the volunteers and awaited my ride.  Rob’s mother came to pick me up — what a great family they are!

Once back at start/finish Rob came over to shake my hand and talk to me about the race.  I told him the course and volunteers were all incredible and that I had a score to settle with Yo Momma next year.

Pulling out of the park we came across Steve still looking strong.  I messaged him when I got home and this was his response.

Yep — official results, only 3 people actually finished the race!  Any question as to its difficulty?

Click here for my race data  – 11hours 47 minutes, 45.43 miles covered, 11853ft of elevation climbed, dropped out of race while still in 6th place..

Race director, Rob and his incredibly supportive wife. Thanks for a GREAT time! See you at Yo Momma next year!

Now to play catch-up again… after tomorrow, two CSA posts, a garden post and kids football…. busy, busy, busy!!!